Whether NEET 2019 will be held once or twice a year is the big question. An equally big query is on its mode, will it be online or offline? Competent authorities hold the answers to both, and insofar, there is none.

For those who are wondering why these questions are arising now, now that NTA has published on its website that NEET 2019 will be February and May and in computer-based test modes, here is a quick recap.

A week earlier, there were news reports strongly claiming that MHRD has been asked by the Ministry of Health to reconsider changes in NEET 2019. Major concerns of the latter ministry were about disadvantage to rural students due to CBT mode, pressure on class 12 students since they have to appear for exams continuously for 4-5 months, and quick drying up of pool of questions that would wane off the novelty of NEET exam.

Amidst all the clamor, none of the bodies concerned with conduct of NEET exam have issued any official statement.

It has further been reported that the human resources department is to publish a final decision within a week (of the initial reports), thus making August 18 the most likely date for decision.

Public response

In response to the reports, students from all over India have been largely upset; most want NEET to be held twice a year. There is no outcry either for or against the mode of exam.

Will NEET Be Conducted Twice In 2019?

Some people want the exam to be twice a year, albeit in offline mode. They are a little uncomfortable with the idea of having to switch over to a new exam mode suddenly.

Will NEET Be Conducted Twice In 2019?

Regarding the ministry’s concern over rural students, a simple proposal has been given by this user.

Will NEET Be Conducted Twice In 2019?

However some are of the view that exam should be held once a year at least in 2019, and from NEET 2020 onwards, it should be twice a year and in online mode. This is reportedly what the ministry also wishes to implement.

Will NEET Be Conducted Twice In 2019?

While waiting for the decision, let us ponder over the advantages and disadvantages of NEET happening twice a year.

Advantages of NEET 2019 twice a year

The biggest point in favor of the happening twice a year is that it gives a student two chances. It reduces pressure on candidate to do very good on a single day, when several factors could play against his or her luck that day.

Another good thing is it is not compulsory to appear for both exams. So those who have too many exams can choose to sit for only NEET 2019 to be held in May.

Disadvantages of NEET 2019 twice a year

The other side of the coin has all cons of NEET happening twice a year in 2019.

To start with, it is a sudden change. Those who had been preparing for it since class 11, were looking forward for exam in May. Now all at once they have to change their preparation strategy.

This brings us to its second disadvantage that is candidates need to expedite their preparation. Those who wish to appear for exam in February have to hurry up and finish syllabus as well as revision so that they can do well in the exam.

Third problem is the same as pointed out by the ministry that students have to appear in too many exams over a period of 4-5 months. They will appear in NEET to be held in February, then board exams, then NEET to be held in May.

What should be the final decision?

There are extremely mixed reactions if one digs into the issue on a logical level. Perhaps changes in NEET was acceptable had it not been so sudden. What are your views on this matter? Should NEET be conducted twice in 2019? Share your views and opinions in the comments section below.

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  1. February neet is not compulsory. Those who are overburdened should skip it.But neet must be conducted twice.If jeemains can be conducted twice then why not neet?If someone becomes ill for first time,second time he can appear.

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