Ever since you stepped into class 11, you either joined a coaching class or saw your friends going into one. You were told that coaching is the solution to making your way into a medical college. There are several students who have left their homes and joined boarding school-esque coaching centers; there they take hostel or small rooms and their only schedule consists of coaching classes. Did you stop and wonder whether you can top a medical entrance exam without coaching?

To answer this, you will have to be 100% honest with yourself. Let us start with a few questions.

  1. Are you in class 11 or 12 or a dropper?

A dropper, or in other words one who completed class 12 last year or before that, and is solely preparing for medical entrance exam, is advised to join a coaching class. The main reason behind this is to improve morale strength, get quick revision, and be able to understand tough sections (the ones in which you face problems) from a good teacher at coaching.

If you are in class 11, then you will really have to think. A lot depends on how much efforts you are ready to put into medical entrance exam preparations (which are among the toughest exams) from DAY 1. Joining a good coaching class which guides you in the right direction, and helps you understand the topics being taught in classes 11 and 12, will help. However, it is not a do or die situation straight away to join a coaching class. You can take a few days to look into the study material and see whether you need help or not and decide.

If you are in class 12, then you are already in a good position to decide. Ask yourself this question:

2. How well did you perform in class 11?

If you did excellently (read extremely above average), then you are already in the right direction. With the help of right study material, solving of mock tests, you are good to go. You may refer to coaching classes study material for extra practice!

On the other hand, if you think that you left a big scope for improvement in your performance, then maybe you should join a NEET preparation, AIIMS preparation coaching.

3. Do you find difficulty in any subject or topic?

It is a much debated topic on why a student at all needs coaching for medical entrance exam when several excellent teachers are teaching in school. However, all that matters for the student is to analyse whether or not he needs extra help to understand any topic or subject. If there is no problem at all, then there is no coaching needed, if yes, then coaching is needed.

4. Are you good at time management?

It is a tough question to ask a medical aspirant. You are young and have hardly been introduced to the concept of time management, there have been people older and in positions of immense responsibility who have shuddered at the thought of having to manage time with numerous tasks at hand. Still, this question is important.

When you join a coaching class for medical entrance exam preparation, you commit at least 5-6 hours to it; this includes usual 3-4 hours of classes, 1 hour of travel and 1 hour to recover from travel fatigue. In the case of many, if the coaching center is far away then a larger portion time is wasted in travel. Those who take weekend classes, spend almost the entire day there for two days a week.

For any medical entrance exam, self studies are critical. You need to devote at least 3-4 hours every day for that. So can you manage time for coaching, school, and self studies? If yes, only then must you join a coaching center.

Apart from the above points, there are several other factors too. It is upto you to decide whether or not to join a coaching class. Make sure that you follow NEET Preparation Tips so that you come out with flying colors.

To answer the question we started with, YES, you can top medical entrance exam without coaching. The syllabus of entrance exams is designed on similar lines as class 11 and 12 board exams. If you understand the topics and have an acumen for solving problems, then you will race ahead to the top with or without coaching.

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