NEET 2019 will be held in February and May. For the first time in history, the medical entrance exam will be held twice a year.

Decision to hold NEET twice a year was taken to provide candidates with two chances every year. This way, students don’t have to waste a year if they don’t do well in first attempt.

Now many students have started asking: Should I appear in NEET 2019 one time or two times? Is it compulsory to appear both times? What will happen if I appear in both – which score will be used? How many attempts will be counted if I appear in both exams?

To start with, note that there are no attempts limit in NEET.

Yes, you read that right. In NEET 2019, there are no attempts limit. Click here to know more.

So now that that confusion is cleared, you no longer have to worry whether you will waste two attempts if you sit for both exams.

Now coming to the question in point: How many times to appear in NEET 2019?

Advice would be that you appear both times. See the basic idea of providing two attempts is so that you can appear for exams both times. That way, even if you cannot do very well in NEET 2019 (February), you can do better in NEET 2019 (May). Otherwise if you directly appear for NEET 2019 (May), then you may think that you can do better and have to wait for NEET 2020.

However, it is completely up to you.

Many of you must be sitting for board exams in Feb-April duration. There are less chances that your exam will clash with NEET, however board exams will be very near NEET 2019 (February). So for NEET 2019 (February), you may be worried and feel under-prepared.

Even then, if you have finished syllabus and done some basic revision, it is better to go for it. Maybe if you worry less and think it as just a mock test you can do better minus all that pressure.

You will have less pressure during NEET 2019 (February) because in your mind you know that you can again attempt exam in few months! 😊

If you appear in NEET 2019 both times, which marks will be counted?

If you appear in NEET 2019 both times, then best of two scores will be counted.

Say for example you have scored 600 in Feb exam and 650 in May exam, then your result of Feb exam will be used.

Pros and Cons of appearing for NEET 2019 Twice A Year


  • You can appear for first attempt in a tension free frame of mind, as you know you will get another chance.
  • Even if you don’t do great in NEET 2019 (February), you can prepare better for NEET 2019 (May).
  • You will get a look and feel of first ever online NEET exam.
  • You can analyse your strengths and weaknesses in first exam.


  • You may take NEET 2019 (February) too lightly.
  • If you have your board exam in February, then you may feel pressurized.
  • Since you have just come to know about new rules of NEET 2019, you may not have so much time for revision.
  • If you don’t do well in it, you may feel discouraged.

What are your views on NEET 2019 being held twice a year? Let us know in comments below whether you will appear for exam one time or two times!
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