Whether NEET will be conducted once or twice in 2019 is still in doubt. However if what NTA has initially announced stays, then NEET 2019 will be conducted twice, first in February and then in May.

Now what are the pros and cons of NEET 2019 happening twice a year, that is the question many want answers to.

NTA will be taking over the NEET exam from 2019 onwards. With this, there are some changes which will be seen. Firstly the exam will now be conducted in an online manner. Second major thing is that the exam will be conducted twice in a year from 2019 onwards. After this announcement, students must be analysing all the pros and cons of NEET 2019. Well, you put that thing aside and let us do the work for you!! We bring to you the detailed analysis of what are the Pros and Cons of NEET 2019 being conducted twice a year.

NEET 2019 Happening Twice A Year – Good or Bad?

NEET 2019 is scheduled to be conducted twice in a year and is going to be more competitive. And with the introduction of NTA and the exam being conducted twice in a year- students are certainly going to have the questions about this being conducted twice- exploring the advantages and disadvantages of this change. Let’s try to solve this query of yours with our analysis of the pros and cons for this exam.

Pros of NEET 2019 happening twice a year

Pros and Cons of NEET 2019 Happening Twice A Year

A chance to improve the scores

Consider the scenario where you have given the NEET 2019 Exam in February but couldn’t perform well or as per your expectations. What you will consider a better option, ” Waiting for one complete year?” or ” Hoping for one more chance to improve the scores?”. Obviously, the second option. And same is the point!

With NEET 2019 now to be conducted twice, students will have the option to attempt the paper once more. Because of this, they would not be wasting one complete year and also since there would be ony few months for the next session to happen, they would not be forgetting easily and hence they can still rectify their mistakes.

Freedom to choose the date

Now that the NEET will be conducted twice, the students have the freedom to choose any one session to appear for the test, or they can appear for both the sessions, if they want. NEET 2019 is scheduled to be conducted in February and May 2019. The students can choose any one session or appear for both considering many students prepare for the board exams as well.

Best score will be considered

This is another advantage which the candidates will have. NEET 2019 exam will be conducted twice in a year. If the students give the exam in both the slots, then the best score of the candidate will be taken. If they appear for one, then that score will be considered for admission purpose.

Cons of NEET 2019 being conducted twice

Pros and Cons of NEET 2019 Happening Twice A Year

Hurry to complete the syllabus

NEET Aspirants always wish to clear the exam as early as possible considering the high competition they face each and every year. Now that the first session of NEET 2019 will be conducted in February, the minds of the students may get diverted since at this time only, board exams are conducted which are also important. Hence they may be in a hurry and perform poorly.

There will be prons and cons to both the sides of anything in life. For NEET 2019, what you should really focus upon is the preparation plan i.e. how to prepare in the best manner possible and clear the NEET 2019 Exam in the very first attempt. We wish all the students preparing for NEET 2019 the best of luck for this exam and hope that they clear it in the first attempt only with great marks!!!

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  1. Almost cent percent candidates and parents are asking neet 2019 to be twice. Cons/demerits are negligible/none. Pros/Merits are huge.Examinees are prepared to take the burden and they’re taking without any trouble.The first neet is optional/not compulsory,anyone can avoid it .Those who are thinking about extra burden are on the wrong notion.Many students die due to neet failure.Their death can be prevented by giving another chance.Great psychological /humanitarian support /benefit.Government should not play with the life of the students.Offline/online doesn’t matter. May be conducted only on 2 days/sessions and not on 8 days/sessions to avoid complications .Thanks.

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