Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh conducted the MD/MS entrance exam on 13 May 2018. This is a review, analysis and questions recall of PGIMER 2018 for July session admission.

The purpose of publishing exam review containing analysis and recall of questions asked, are twofold. Firstly, candidates who appeared for the PGIMER 2018 get to air their opinion of the exam and understand what the overall reactions are; this is a useful activity prior to the publishing of PGIMER 2018 Result. Secondly, future PG medical aspirants can know questions asked in PGIMER MD/MS entrance exam and prepare for it.


Date of exam: 13 May 2018

Held for: Admission in July 2018 Session

PGIMER 2018 Recall

This recall is based on inputs from various candidates. If you also appeared for the PGIMER 2018 exam held on 13 May 2018, you can add your recall questions in comments below.

In deep partial thickness burn
a) Fibrosis n contracture is late complication
b) Epithelisition completed in 8 to 10 days
c) Subcutaneous fat is involved
d) pain absent

Which of foll is contraindicated in patient with kidney failure-
a) Ketamine
b) Thiopentone
c) Atracurium
d) Methoxyflurane

26LEEP in comparison to Laser
a) High voltage is used
b) Low voltage is used
c) Only transitional zone of cervi

New sperm criteria by Who
a) 25% of total has normal motility
b) 1.5 ml vol

In Neurofibromatosis
a) Posterior scallopng of vertebral body
b) Hearing loss
c) Cataract

Weight gain seen in
a) Hypothyroid
b) Hyperthyroid
c) Adrenal gland atrophy
d) Cuhings syndrome
e) Hyperthyroidism

Cephalic index in Indian people.

Which of the following are rotator cuff muscle

a) Teres major
b) Teres minor
c) Subscapularis
d) Suprascapularis
e) Infraspinatous

Spigelian Hernia

Epidural Hemorrhage


Vitamin C deficiency symptoms?

B) decresed ahesion of platelets
C) impaired wound healing

Specific Antibody for SLE

Localised systemic sclerosis/localised scleroderma features

Types of lichen planus

Langerhans cells are decresed in which conditions

Which of the following are the components of innate immune system

A) T cells
B) B cells
C) Natural killer cells

Compartment syndrome

Inflammatory arthritis features

Human milk

Kidney anatomy

Comparison of internal jugular vein and subclavian vein cannulation

Supracondylar fracture

Lateral condylar fractures

MHC present on

Penia arterial and nerve and lymphatic supply

Which tests can be elicited in supine position
a)Rovsing test
c) obturator test

Satellite dna

Caldwell luc operation indications

Waldeyers internal ring components

pregnancy is contraindicated in which heart diseases

MgSO4 in preeclampsia and eclampsia

Cushing triad

centre line catheter infection diagnosis criteria

what is true for janeway leisons and osler nodes

nail changes is psoriasis

Facies leprosa

Hypopyon is associated with

oesophageal carcinoma

treatment of acute attack of asthma

common fractures or injuries in child abuse

common sites for different ulcers caused by different causes

A ) diabetic foot ulcer metatarsal surface
B) arterial ulcer tip of toesC) venous ulcer lateral malleolus

First dose syncope seen with

a) alfa blocker
b) beta blocker
c) calcium channel blocker
d) ACEi

Which of the following are rotator cuff muscle

a) Teres major
b) Teres minor
c) Subscapularis
d) Suprascapularis
e) Infraspinatous

Which of the following are prodrugs

a) acyclovir
b) valciclovir
c) ganciclovir
d) valganciclovir

uncouplers of oxidative phosphorylation

a) cyanide
b) 2-4 DNP

ulcerative colitis true statement….

a) no skip leison
b) almost always include rectum
c)can present as pain and bloody diarrhea

Which of the following is antioxidant

a) Vitamin A
b) Vitamin C
c) Vitamin E
d) zinc
e) glutathione

BAL ( Dimercaprol) used in which poisoning

a) mercury
b) arsenic
c) cadmium

Balance sign

P53 effect on cell cycle and malignancy association

Supracondylar fracture and fracture of necessity and lateral condyl fracture of humerus.

Tone decay test

B cell is a component of which antibody

Least risk in hiv transmission by a single intercourse from hiv infected man

A2P2 in s2 heart sound and features in rbbb lbbb pul stenosis features

Active tuberclosis drugs delaminid bedaquiline linzolid

PGIMER 2018 Review and Analysis

Some candidates, who appeared for previous PGI MD/MS entrance exam held in November for Jan 2018 admissions opined that the exam held in May for July 2018 admissions was tougher than last exam.

Number of questions: 250

Type of questions: Multiple choice questions; one or more options can be correct

Number of options in each question: 5

Time: 3 hours

The approximate number of questions for each subject was as follows:

Applied Anatomy 6
Applied Biochemistry 12
Immunogenetics and Molecular Biology 10
Applied Physiology 6
Pathology 15
Pharmacology 15
Microbiology 12
Forensic Medicine 6
Social and Preventive Medicine 7
Internal Medicine 36
 Paediatrics 12
 Dermatology 6
Psychiatry 6
Radiodiagnosis 6
Obstetrics and Gynaecology 20
Radiotherapy 6
General Surgery 36
Otorhinolaryngology 10
 Ophthalmology 10
Orthopaedics  10

PGIMER is a popular medical institute; one of the few that have the authority to hold separate medical entrance exams.

In PGI Chandigarh MD/MS entrance exam, number of correct answers in a question can be more than one. Hence it is pertinent to note its marking scheme here.

There are 250 questions with 5 options each. Thus total options are 250×5 = 1250.

Lets say that “a” number of options are correct and “b” are incorrect. a + b = 1250.

Lets say that you marked “x” correct answers and “y” incorrect. Then your score is

(x/a – y/b) x 100

So aspirants, best of luck for your PGIMER 2018 Result. May you get admission in the department of your choice.

First year junior resident MD/MS) seats in PGI Chandigarh are as follows:


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