This article was published first on 4 Jun 2018. After that, on 7 July 2018 it has been confirmed that NTA will conduct NEET 2019. Readers are kindly requested to refer to new details for latest information.

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NEET exam is conducted for admission to the undergraduate medical courses across India. Apart from NEET, JEE Main is another for undergraduate engineering courses. Until now, both of these major exams were being conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). But from next year, some major changes will be there for the students. National Test Agency (NTA) will be conducting the major exams including NEET and JEE Main exam. With the introduction of NTA, new things will come up. Students who will be appearing for these exams must be having questions like What will be the changes in NEET 2019? What will be the impact of NTA conducting NEET 2019 on us? How will it impact NEET 2019 preparation? Read further to know how the introduction of NTA will impact the major examinations.

Will NTA Conduct NEET 2019?

National Testing Agency (NTA) will now conduct the major entrance examinations which until now were being conducted by CBSE. This board has been the major exam convenor. With the introduction of NTA, the students who will be appearing for next year’s exams can expect some notable changes in the pattern of these exams.

Why is NTA being formed?

CBSE had earlier requested to HRD ministry to lessen its burden of examinations which they conducted. Taking that into consideration, a proposal of introducing National Testing Agency was given was proposed during the Union Budget 2017 . The Union Human Resources and Development Ministry acted promptly on the same.

NTA was passed by the cabinet on November 10, 2017.

What changes with the introduction of NTA?

NTA will take over the exams conducted by CBSE. This shift will result in some changes in the pattern of the exams. Now the exams will be conducted twice in a year. This will get applied to NEET. Instead of one, now both these exams will be conducted two times in a year. This applies to other exams as well which are conducted by CBSE. Also, all the exams will be conducted in online mode.

Will NTA Conduct NEET 2019?

Also, this shift will also bring change in the syllabus of these exams. NEET exam is conducted on the CBSE Class 11 and Class 12 syllabus. State board students felt the difficulty since the syllabus of these is different from what is included in CBSE board.

How will this impact students?

NTA will start conducting the examinations from 2019. Those who will be appearing for the important examination can see some impacts on them. Firstly, these exams will be conducted twice in a year. This will be a huge relief for the students who prepare for NEET with all their heart.

NEET is conducted once in a year. If the candidate is not able to secure good marks or the minimum marks, they have to drop a year to give the exam again. Now that the exams will be conducted two times, aspirants can have a sigh of relief. NEET is conducted few days after the class 12 board examination, which itself is a big mountain for them. In case they don’t perform well for the first time, they can appear for the second time, without wasting a year.

Also, since the changes will be there in the syllabus, it will address the issue of the students who are from various state boards. Questions in the NEET exam are on the basis of syllabus of class 11 and class 12 as prescribed by CBSE. State board students feel discriminated at this point. NTA will plan a syllabus which will suit the requirements of the students from all over India.

What now for CBSE?

CBSE which, majorly was a school examination conducting board, conducted major entrance examination. Now with the introduction of NTA, they will be relieved of the burden of conducting exams. They will be now able to focus on their area which is conducting the CBSE Class 10 and Class 12 Exams. Also, there focus will now be on improving the quality of education and innovation of the curriculum.

What were other exams conducted by CBSE?

CBSE was the major conducting body of the following exams which now will be conducted by NTA. It will be done in a phased manner starting with NEET and JEE Main.

NTA will relieve AICTE as well and other major agencies which conduct Central Teacher Eligibility Test (twice a year), National Eligibility Test (NET) and the entrance test for Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas as well.

NEET 2019

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  1. What about the students who are studying IGCSE Board? After 10th they feel much left out than the State board students. Though IGCSE board is much application based and not rot learning.

  2. If NTA will conduct NEET 2019, should the aspiring medical students prepare the NEET 2019 basing on CBSE/Textbooks for Class 11 &12? Or, the syllabus will be different? It the syllabus is going to be different under NTA, then the authority (NTA or Central Government) should finalize the matter well ahead of NEET 2019, so that the aspiring students may prepare well to face the NEET 2019. Otherwise, the aspiring students would be at a great loss; their career would be in peril.

  3. So now nta is going to conduct neet from 2019 but what is for 2k18 ? Can this year also neet can be taken twice ? Is this a rumour or truth that neet is again going to b conducted in Dec 2k18?

  4. it is very important to understand by the NTA that existing students are preparing on cbse 1-12th pattern and if NTA will prepare the question paper on different era than every student will face a big difficulties hence NTA it should be decided immediately that on which pattern all India NEET participant will prepare for 2019 examination for NEET

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