NEET 2018 is conducted for admissions to the medical and dental colleges which are approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and Dental Council of India. Lakhs of candidates appear for this exam. Being in the top 10 is one dream that every NEET aspirant wishes for. Rohan Purohit from Telangana has achieved it. He has secured an All India Rank 2 in NEET 2018, securing 690 out of 720. Speaking to us in an exclusive Interview, he shares how he prepared for the exam, what strategies he undertook for the exam and much more.

About Yourself

Q- First of all, congratulations on achieving AIR Rank 2 in NEET 2018. How does it feel being a Rank 2 holder in such a high competition Exam?

Ans- I am overwhelmed by my own result and would like to credit my parents and my teachers for this highly appreciated academic performance. All of this has been possible only because of their immense guidance, motivation and support.

To know about NEET 2019, check NEET 2019
To know about NEET 2019, check NEET 2019

Q- From which school/institute have you done your senior secondary?

Ans- I have done my senior secondary schooling from Sri Chaitanya Institute, Hyderabad. Along with prepping me up for class 11 and 12, this institute used to even prepare students like me for NEET examinations too.

Q-  From which standard you became clear about your ambition and started working for it?

Ans- My vision and aim regarding my career was clear enough to me when I was in class 6. Like other kids, I too wished to make my parents happy someday and wanted to be a good doctor in my life.

About NEET 2018

Q- How were the questions of NEET 2018 in your opinion?

Ans- This year’s NEET examination included totally different kind of questions from 2 topics. The first topic was of magnetism and another one was semiconductors. 

Q- Was this year’s physics paper difficult? What do you think?

Ans- Students this year have claimed that this year’s physics paper was lengthy, difficult, concept-based which involved a lot of calculations. But according to me, the paper wasn’t of that much higher level. I had well prepared all type of concept-based questions from the materials which were supplied by my coaching institutes. It proved helpful on the exam day.

Exam Preparation

Q- You told that this year’ different type of questions was seen in the paper. How you prepared yourself to tackle these type of questions on this subject?

Ans- For physics, I would suggest that instead of doing questions from the medical books, one must practice the questions of JEE MAINS. It has questions of higher level which will be very helpful. Also, the candidates should not rote learn the formulas which are there. I would insist that the aspirants emphasise more on understanding the concepts.

The chemistry section for NEET has been divided into 3 parts. The students have to understand that the preparation for all will be different. The first part is the physical chemistry. It doesn’t require too much of extra efforts. Candidate will be able to tackle the question from this section if they have paid attention to their classes or the coaching session and are thorough with the NCERT and the practice materials.  

Next is the Organic Chemistry, which is the most vast section. For this, the aspirants have to practice a lot of examples. Simply doing the theory will not be enough. Candidates are usually afraid of this section. I would say they shouldn’t be afraid of this section and take it up as a challenge that needs to be accepted in order to outdo one’s potential.

The last part is the inorganic chemistry. This section requires lots of last moment revisions unlike some of the other sections.  Instead of preparing this part from O.P Tandon’s book, I would suggest that one must prepare this section word to word from one’s coaching or some extra readings. Students preparing for NEET usually tend to neglect a significant section other than those mentioned above, known as practical chemistry which can be prepared from NCERT lab manual as well as from last year’s question papers, as there is no specific recommended book for it.

Q- What books will you suggest for the preparation of different sections?

Ans- I would suggest students be clear with the NCERT books. Further, for organic chemistry, for additional reading- one can consult Solomon and Fryhle’s book on organic chemistry as well as MTG interactive organic chemistry

Q- What role did the last year’s question papers play in your preparations? Were they of any help?

Ans- The aspirants must practice and solve the previous year’s question papers to get a clearer picture of the type of questions that may be asked in the exam. I would say that ”Everybody does the hard work but not everyone gets success, so it is the smart work along with the hard work”. It means that when one analyses the last year’s question papers and is able to figure out the questions that are likely to come” then the magic has been done.

Tips for the students

Q- What tips would you like to give to the students who are preparing for NEET 2019?

Ans- I would insist that people should take both their class 11 and class 12 very seriously in order to score good marks. Last minute studies in class 12 never help. Rather than the shortcuts, there should be proper knowledge, in order to achieve success in one’s life. To clear NEET your major focus should be on biology. NCERT books or teacher’s notes aren’t that sufficient. Hence, a person needs to study some extra readings too.

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