NEET Exam is conducted for admission to the medical and dental colleges across India. It is considered as one of the most competitive examinations amongst the medical aspirants. NEET 2018 was conducted on May 06, 2018. Around 13.35 lakh candidates had appeared for the NEET 2018 Exam. It is conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE).

The results of NEET 2018 were declared yesterday i.e. on June 04, 2018. And Kalpana Kumari from Bihar has got herself a reason to celebrate this for a very long time. She has secured All India Rank 1 in NEET 2018 Exam, securing a total of 691 marks out of 720. In an inspirational talk with us, she shares her preparation journey of two years which has led to this day of being her the topper of NEET 2018.

About Yourself 

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Q- First of all, heartiest congratulations to you for becoming NEET 2018 Topper. What was your reaction to seeing the NEET 2018 Result? Were you expecting to top the exam?

Ans- It is an extremely great feeling. I was expecting a rank in the top 10 but being a topper of NEET 2018 Exam is a thing which I never expected I would achieve.

Q- Please tell us something about your family?

Ans- My mother is a teacher by profession. I have a brother who is in 3rd year at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

About NEET Preparation

Q- What motivated you to chose Medical studies and be a Doctor?

Ans- It was my childhood dream to be a Doctor in order to help those who don’t have access to quality healthcare and treatment in our country. I am really passionate about helping people in need. By choosing this profession, I  will be able to serve my country in a better way by helping those who really need attention and treatment.

Q-  How did you prepare for the NEET 2018 Exam? What preparation strategy you followed for NEET 2018?

Ans- I believed in only one thing- Hard Work. It is the key to my success. I used to study for 10-12 hours per day. I went through all the NCERT textbooks. I ensured that I read all the textbooks thoroughly. Along with the NCERT books, I referred to various side-books as well. Coaching and study material from Aakash institute also helped me a lot to score well in NEET exam.

Q- What was your daily routine and schedule while you were preparing for the NEET exam?

Ans- During the preparation days, my majority number of hours were dedicated to studying for the exam. Rest were used in sleeping for around for 6-7 hours and 1-2 hours for eating and other activities.

Future Plans

Q- What are your plans for the future?

Ans- I wish to get admission at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)  to pursue my further education. It is considered to be the best Institute for medical education in our country, even though I can get admission in any of the reputed institutes after NEET. After it, I would like to pursue my M.S and give my country a good Doctor.

Tips for the students

Q- Many students must be preparing for NEET 2019. Now that you have topped the NEET 2018, you will be an inspiration to many of them. Any preparation tips which you would like to share with them?

Ans- The only way possible to achieve success is hard work and dedication towards the goal. I remember my first day at Aakash when I met Director JC Chaudhary. He said “ An intelligent individual can fail in their life at some point but a hardworking individual never fails, hard work always pays off.This is my advice to all the aspirants preparing for NEET that work really hard towards your goal with complete dedication to achieving success.

What NEET 2019 Aspirants can learn

  • There is no shortcut to success. Hard work and dedication is the key.
  • Be clear with the concepts.
  • NCERT must be clearly understood. It is important for tackling the questions in NEET exam.
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