NEET 2018 Results have been announced on June 04, 2018. Himanshu Sharma from Delhi has bagged an All India Rank 3 in NEET 2018 Exam. He scored 690/720 in the NEET UG 2018 thus getting an overall percentile of 99.999764%. In an exclusive interview with AglaSem, Himanshu shares with us what all he did for the preparation which helped him achieve this feat today. Read further to know more.

Q- Congratulations for securing AIR Rank 3 in NEET 2018. What is your success mantra for the NEET 2018 Exam?

Ans- Efforts in the right direction was my success mantra. It is an outcome of the hard work I used to put daily. I believe in Dr APJ Abdul Kalam’s quote that “Dream is not what you see in sleep, it is what does not let you sleep”. 

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Q- What was your preparation strategy for the exam?

Ans- I was very focused towards my goal of becoming a doctor. I knew that the command on all the concepts was absolutely necessary. I used to study for 9-10 hours.  My main focus was to get all the concepts cleared and was never into rote learning. I worked really hard.

Q- What all books and study materials did you use while preparing for the NEET 2018?

Ans- I considered NCERT books the Bible while I referred to some additional ones like B.C.Pandey, S.C. Verma, Solomons Fryhle and JD Lee to furnish my concepts. The Classroom programmes of Akash Institute and test series took a lion share in my preparation strategy.

Q- What was your daily schedule while preparing for the NEET 2018?

Ans- I was very consistent with my routine and schedule. I used to keep aside 1-2 hours for eating and family time, 8-9 hours for sleeping and the rest of the day studying. During this time, I used to revise for at least two to three hours. I also used to attend my classes daily so that anything important is not missed by me. Nothing was prioritised over my schedule.

Q- Now after achieving this success, what are your future plans?

Ans- I am acquainted with the health-related issues which are prevalent in our country. I want to be a tool to get these issues eradicated. As one of the All India Rankers, I would love to grasp the opportunity of getting admissions into one of the best medical colleges where I can avail myself of the opportunities of learning.

After it, I would like to pursue my future education and would work towards achieving specialization. My ultimate future plan is to give my country a good, loyal, selfless and hardworking doctor.

Q- Any preparation tips which you would like to give to those aspirants who are preparing for NEET 2019?

Ans- Perseverance, determination and hard work along with the motivation to fulfil one’s dream will make aspirants achieve heights. Success has no shortcuts. Thus, Rote learning should be a complete “No”. Aspirants should make NCERTS their bible and must be read as many times as possible.

To avoid exam time pressures plethora of practice is needed. Mocks and test series will be of very much help in achieving this. It will make aspirants familiar with the pattern and chances of completing the exam in time. With the practice of different types of mocks and test series, chances of answering the questions with utmost accuracy will increase. In addition to this Social Media should be given up to avoid digression.

We at AglaSem wish Himanshu all the best for his future endeavours!!

What can the NEET 2019 Aspirants learn?

This interview must have inspired lots of students who are now preparing for NEET 2019. They should not forget that there is no shortcut to success. You have to work hard regularly with utmost dedication to achieve success in the exam. Also, NCERT should be made a compulsory part of the preparation journey. Mocks also have to be done regularly. Analysing the mocks is one of the main important things which has to be done. Simply attempting the mocks will not do the work.


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