NEET SS 2018 Exam Pattern should be known by the candidates who are appearing for this exam. It is an important aspect which the candidates must consider during the preparation phase. The main exam will be according to the pattern which NBE releases. Thus if the candidates know about the pattern, they will prepare accordingly and hence can secure good marks in the exam. Check this page about NEET SS 2018 Exam Pattern. Detailed information will be provided to the candidates. Read the page below.

NEET SS 2018 Exam Pattern

NEET SS 2018 Exam is in the 01st week of July 2018. Candidates must have complete information about the pattern of the paper. The exam pattern means the distribution of the paper, the total marks of the paper, what is the marking scheme and other important information. Aspirants are advised to go through this complete page.

NEET SS 2018 Exam Pattern   Know NEET Super Specialty 2018 Exam Pattern

NEET SS 2018 shall be conducted as Computer Based Test (CBT). The questions in the paper will be of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) type. There will be 4 options to a question out of which only 1 will be the correct answer. Candidates will have to select the correct answer and choose accordingly. The total duration of the paper will be 1 hour and 45 minutes, who opt for one super speciality course/clubbed group. Candidates who have opted for 2 super speciality courses/clubbed groups will be given a total time of 3 hours and 30 minutes to attempt the paper.

Number of Questions:  There will be total 100 questions which the candidate will have to answer. The questions will be divided into 2 parts:  Part A and Part B. The number of questions in each of these parts and the time allotted for each are as follows:

Parts Number of Questions Time Allotted
Part A 40 45 Min
Part B 60 60 Min

It must be noted that the candidates will have to attempt the complete paper within the given time. No extra time will be allotted to them to answer the questions.

Type of Questions: The questions in both the parts will be different. Candidate must know about this important point. This will help them prepare in the best manner possible. Check the details about the pattern in each of the part.

  • Part A –  This part constitutes 40% of the complete paper. It will contain questions from the eligible feeder broad speciality courses. The questions will be as per the applicable feeder broad speciality courses. If there are multiple applicable feeder broad speciality courses, the questions will be from all the applicable courses.This will contain the following subjects

NEET SS 2018 Exam Pattern   Know NEET Super Specialty 2018 Exam Pattern

  • Part B-  This part will comprise 60% of the total paper. The questions in this part will come from the concerned super-speciality courses. The questions in this section will be of PG Exit Level and will cover topics from clinical practices and basic sciences of that particular SS course.

NEET SS 2018 Clubbed Courses

There are some courses which have been clubbed together for NEET SS 2018 Paper due to the lesser number of seats. These also have a single common feeder broad speciality course. Check the list of all the clubbed courses for NEET SS 2018 Exam.

NEET SS 2018 Exam Pattern   Know NEET Super Specialty 2018 Exam Pattern

For these type of courses, Part A will contain questions from Single Eligible Feeder Broad Speciality and Part B will contain questions from all clubbed super speciality courses.

Marking Scheme

The total marks which the candidate will secure in the NEET SS 2018 paper will be calculated according to a marking scheme as given in the official notification. Have a look at the marking scheme of NEET SS 2018 .

NEET SS 2018 Exam Pattern   Know NEET Super Specialty 2018 Exam Pattern

It is to be noted although that the questions which have been ” Marked for Review” will also be considered and will be marked as right or wrong according to the marking scheme. Candidates are advised that they read the marking scheme and all the important information on this page carefully and prepare accordingly for the paper.

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