This article was published first on 4 July 2018. After that, on 7 July 2018 it has been confirmed that NTA will conduct NEET 2019 in online mode twice a year. NTA NEET 2019 will be held in February and May. Readers are kindly requested to refer to new details for latest information.

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The candidates preparing for NEET 2019 must be knowing that some major changes are expected to happen. The major change which is likely to happen is the paper being conducted in online mode and the exam being conducted twice. The news is also circulating that the exam with this change may be conducted in December 2018. If that’s the case, the students who are preparing for this exam must now buckle up! There will be 6 months remaining then for NEET 2019. You have to start your preparation from now only. Do not worry!

We have compiled some full proof strategies for the students which they can implement during the preparation of the NEET 2019, if conducted in December 2018 so that you get the best score and hence secure admissions to the best medical colleges of India.

NEET 2019 In December 2018?

From 2019 onwards, NEET exam will be conducted twice in a year; perhaps. Rumours have it that the first implementation of this might be seen in December 2018. Whatever, be the scenario, you must be ready with your preparation. After reading it, you should have set in your mind to prepare from Day 1 itself and not waste a single moment on unnecessary things. Read this article to know all the things related to the preparation for NEET 2019 or December 2018.

Basic Things to Remember

First and foremost, before discussing the preparation strategy for NEET 2019 likely to be conducted in December 2018, there are some few points which the candidates have to strictly follow. These will be beneficial for you in the long run when your luck and hard work will fetch you the college which you dreamt of.

  • Stay miles away from social media. We say that we will use Facebook, YouTube for just 5 minutes and then resume our studies. And those 5 minutes when become 1-2 hours is outside our understanding. Deactivate all this for 6 months because your dreams are much more important than those “5 minutes” of your social media time.
  • Take sufficient breaks. We know that 6 months is comparatively less time for preparation than a complete 1 or 2 years of dedication. You might need to put in some more efforts if  appearing for the first time or maybe have some knowledge regarding it if a dropper. But one thing which you have to remember is that the breaks are necessary. It will help you refresh your mind and learn the lesson better.
  • Attempt as many mocks as possible and analyse them. Taking weekly mocks of the NEET 2019 and analysing them is the thing which you have to ensure that you do not miss at any cost. It would help you analyse your mistakes and your weak areas.
  • Have the hope. It is very much likely that the 6 months may scare you like hell that I won’t be able to perform in the exam. One thing which you have to remember is that do not give up and just concentrate on your preparation.

Now that we have discussed the secondary things which you have to strictly follow, let’s go straight to the point- How to prepare for NEET 2019 in 6 months to be well prepared for December 2019.

How to prepare?

Starting from July, you will have 6 months to prepare for the exam. You will have to make sure that each and every minute is utilized efficiently and minimal wastage of time is there. Lets first discuss the exam pattern of NEET 2019. It is very much likely to remain as per the NEET 2018 Counselling.

  • Exam Pattern
  1. Examination Type:  Online Mode
  2. Type of Questions: Objective Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
  3. Total Marks: 720
  4. Number of Sections: 3- Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  5. Number of Questions Per Section: Physics- 45, Chemistry- 45, Biology- 90

After knowing the exam pattern, we must know how to go about preparing for NEET 2019. The preparation for the exam can be seen from the perspective of two types of people:

  1. People who have given NEET 2018 and are taking a drop for NEET 2019
  2. People who will be giving the NEET 2019 for the first time.

For the first set of people, it would not be much of a difficult task. They have given the NEET 2018 exams and thus have the fair idea of each and every topic. What is needed for them is a quick revision and lots of practice of different types of questions for each of the section. For the droppers, ideal time distribution for the preparation should be as follows:

Activity Month Allocated
Quick Revision of the Concepts for all the three sections July – Mid September along with practice of questions
Practice of Questions of Higher Level Along with the preparation
Attempt of Mocks along with the analysis October till November
Revision of Concepts Till the Examination

Also, it should be ensured that you take proper rest and good food days before the examination. Too much stress or learning new concepts at last time should not be done at any cost.
NEET 2019
Talking about the freshers, who will be attempting the paper for the first time, thing will be a little different for them. They might have some apprehensions about the type of questions which they will face, how much difficult will be the questions and many such things. One thing which they have to realise is that they should keep their preparation top notch and not worry about these small things.  This is so because, if the paper will come difficult, it will not be just for them. Rest of the candidates will face the same.

By July, they must have completed their theory part of the preparation or about to complete their preparation. Now the topmost priority should be to solve as many questions as possible for each of the sections mentioned above. The distribution of prepration for NEET 2019 should be as follows:

Activity Month Allocated
Complete the theory part of all the sections July end along with the practice of the questions
Practice of Questions of Higher Level Along with the preparation
Attempt of Mocks along with the analysis August to November End
Revision of Concepts December Till the Examination

We hope that with the strategy discussed above, you will be prepared well for any of the worst scenario and ace the NEET 2019 Examination even if it is conducted in December 2018. All the best for your preparation!!
NEET 2019

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