National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) 2018 is now just a few days away. NEET 2018 is scheduled for May 06, 2018. Candidates should now have completed all the syllabus and be ready to appear in the exam. CBSE, the conducting body has released some NEET Do’s and Dont’s for the candidates who are appearing for NEET 2018. Candidates should know about these things so as to avoid any difficulty at the exam centre.

NEET 2018 Result

CBSE has announced the result of NEET 2018 on June 4, 2018 at 12:20 PM. Canidates can check their result now in online mode. Best of luck!
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We are providing here all the NEET Do’s and Dont’s for year 2018 that the candidates of this exam should know. They are advised that they read the complete page to know all about the things that they have to take care of. Scroll Further to know more.

NEET 2018 Do’s and Dont’s

NEET 2018 is one of the biggest medical exams of India. It is conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Thus it is important that the candidates know what precautions have to be taken before appearing for the exam so that they do not face any difficulty before appearing for the exam such as to know dress code. Check all of that further on this page.

Things to Do in NEET 2018

CBSE, the conducting body of NEET 2018, has released some guidelines which the candidate has to adhere to. Recently, CBSE has introduced stricter measures in the exams, one of which includes checking by metal detectors. Metal detectors were included in Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) as well. Thus those who will be appearing for this exam should know about these to ensure that they give their best at the exam.

Basic Guidelines

There are some guidelines that every candidate has to adhere to for appearing in NEET 2018 Exam. Check the rules given below:

  • Candidates must visit their centre a day before the main exam. It will save the time of searching on the exam day and they will reach the exam hall on time for the frisking process.
  • They will have to cooperate with the staff in the frisking process at the examination centre.

One week for NEET 2018   Dos and Donts in this last week

  • Aspirants, while in the exam hall, will have to maintain discipline and follow the instructions as given by the staff.
  • Candidates will have to report by 8:30 if they are in the customary dress as specified by the Board.
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Dress Code

CBSE has declared the dress code that all the aspirants of NEET 2018 must know. It is important that they know about these codes because no entry will be allowed to the examination centre if they do not follow the dress code. Check the dress code as specified by the authorities.

  • They should wear light clothes with half sleeves. It should not have big buttons, brooch, badge or flower in it. For boys, trousers will be allowed. Female candidates will have to wear Salwar to the exam hall.

One week for NEET 2018   Dos and Donts in this last week

  • They must wear Slippers or sandals. The sandals should have low heels. No shoes are allowed in the exam hall.

Documents to be carried to the Exam Hall

Candidates appearing for NEET 2018 will have to bring some documents to the exam centre. Those candidates who do not bring these things will not be allowed to enter the exam hall. Take a note of the documents required on the day of the exam.

  • Admit Card along with passport size photograph affixed on it
  • One passport size photograph to be affixed on the attendance sheet.

Students tend to forget the important documents that need to be carried to the exam centre. Thus it is advised that they keep these documents ready a day before the exam. They will not be allowed to enter the exam centre under any circumstances if they forget these documents.

Things Not to Do in NEET 2018

Those who are appearing for NEET 2018 exam have to take note of some important things that they should refrain from doing. There is a list of documents which they are not supposed to bring to the exam hall apart from other things. Have a look.

Banned Items to NEET 2018 Exam Hall

  • Any stationery item like textual material (printed or written), bits of papers, Geometry/Pencil Box, Plastic Pouch, Calculator, Pen, Scale, Writing Pad, Pen Drives, Eraser, Calculator, Log Table, Electronic Pen/Scanner etc.
  • Any communication device like Mobile Phone, Bluetooth, Earphones, Microphone, Pager, Health Band etc.
  • Other items like Wallet, Goggles, Handbags, Belt, Cap etc.
  • All ornaments like Ring, Earrings, Nose-pin, Chain/Necklace, Pendants, Badge and Brooch etc.
  • Any Watch/Wrist Watch, Bracelet, Camera, etc.
  • Any metallic item
  • Any eatable item opened or packed, water bottle etc.
  • Any other item which could be used for unfair means, for hiding communication devices like camera, Bluetooth device etc.

Unfair Practices in the Exam Hall

Candidates must refrain from practising unfair means in the exam. Criminal actions or a ban of 3 years will be put on the candidate if they are found doing these unfair practices. Read further to know more.

One week for NEET 2018   Dos and Donts in this last week

  • Taking the prohibitory materials as specified by CBSE to the exam hall. This would be very serious offence.
  • Paying someone to take the exam in place of the candidate themselves.
  • Breaching examination rules or any direction issued by CBSE in connection with the conduct of exam will also be a punishable offence.
  • Tampering with the OMR sheet and the test booklet

One week for NEET 2018   Dos and Donts in this last week

  • Smuggling the complete or part of question paper or the answer sheet.
  • Contacting person other than the examination staff at the exam centre
  • Using/attempting to use any other undesirable method in connection with the examination.
  • Manipulating or fabricating of online documents. For ex- admit card, rank letter, self-declaration, etc.
  • Uploading of the morphed photograph on the application form/admit card/proforma;
  • Providing wrong information on the answer sheet;
  • Making fake claim by manipulating the responses in OMR sheet uploaded on the website for challenging purpose.

Best Wishes to the Aspirants of NEET 2018!!

Candidates should refrain from doing these things. Anyone who is found involved in the above-mentioned things will be booked under UNFAIRMEANS (U.F.M.) case. Such
candidates would be debarred for 3 years in future and shall also be liable for disciplinary action as applicable.

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