NEET 2019 preparation is now at its peak. Knowing that you are getting two chances this time, you must be all set to do well in both. Best of two scores will be used for admission. Do you know that your question paper may be unique?

NTA announced that it will hold NEET 2019 two times. Each time there will be 8 sittings. Ever since then, many students are asking how NTA will ensure that questions in each sitting will be of equal difficulty level.

Now latest news on NEET 2019 is that NTA may devise such a system where all test takers will get unique question papers.


Let us explain.

NEET 2019 May Have Unique Question Papers

As you know, NEET 2019 will be computer based tests. So you have to apply, get admit card, go to exam centre and sit before your assigned computer. You will log in and questions will appear on your screen.

Now as per latest news, there will be a huge pool of questions. Software will pick up questions at random. This way, your questions won’t come in question paper of any other student. So you will get a unique question paper in NEET 2019.

Smart Tests For Smart Students

Logic behind introducing such a system is multifold.

  1. Chances of question paper leak are diminished. Now there are so many questions, and no one knows who will get what question.
  2. Student will not have to worry about question paper difficulty level. Software will ensure that it is fair.
  3. System will be hacking proof.

Will NEET 2019 Question Paper Also Be Adaptive?

Now herein lies a question.

An adaptive test is one, wherein questions become tougher as per last answers. As per newspaper reports, question paper may be adaptive. As of now, there is no such adaptive test in Indian higher education entrance exam. So this will be quite a new thing.

Confirmation on holding NEET 2019 with unique questions and adaptive mode yet to come

All this could be mere speculation. However if it is true, then notice to this effect ought to come from NTA by September or October.

In fact, if NTA does this for UGC NET also, then details will come sooner.

Insofar, newspaper reports have indicated that such plan is in place.

  • NTA is analyzing past year NEET question papers. Its motive is to assess whether tests prepared students for courses.
  • Those who will set question papers will undergo psychometric tests based on results of analysis.
  • Questions will be set over one year.
  • System that will come in place shall be hack proof.

How to prepare for NEET 2019?

With all these changes being introduced, are you worried about preparation. Relax. You can do it!

Whatever changes come in exam, if your preparation is good, then you will score well and get a good rank.

This implies that

  1. Your grasp on theory should be good.
  2. Speed and accuracy to solve questions should be good.

Your preparation strategy for NEET 2019 should be as before. Here is a quick overview:

  • Study physics, chemistry, biology from NCERTs.
  • Refer one or two reference books for few topics which you are not able to understand from NCERT.
  • Use best reference books to practice MCQs. Solve several MCQs daily.
  • Additional thing (since NEET has changed): Now you also need to solve online mock tests.

Regarding psychometric analysis of past year papers:

NTA is checking how each question was, in past year papers, to gauge its level of difficulty. Also it will look into distractors. Basically distractors are questions that only those students can answer who know that subject well. Also, NTA is checking about how well each entrance exam fared in actually assessing a student for their aptitude in studying course of choice.

Do you have any questions about NEET 2019? If yes, then please ask in comments below. Also follow link given below for complete details of NEET 2019.

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