NEET 2019 Aspirants must be now knowing that NTA will be conducting the NEET 2019 Exam. NTA will conduct NEET 2019 once a year. The examination date for NEET 2019 is May 05, 2019. It is considered one of the most competitive examinations with an ever-increasing number of candidates each year for the medical seats across India. Considering this situation, NEET 2019 is going to be no different. Thus, if you are preparing for NEET 2019, it is important that you have a preparation strategy that will help you clear the exam in the very first attempt and get that dream college of yours.

Read this page about 6 Month Preparation Strategy For NEET 2019 where we have gathered from toppers and various knowledgeable persons as to how you can prepare effectively for this most competitive examination.

6 months for NEET 2019- Sufficient or Not?

The first and foremost question which the candidates must be having is that-” Can I prepare for the NEET 2019 Exam in 6 months?“,” Is 6 months sufficient to prepare for the most competitive medical exam?”. The answer is yes, you can prepare for this exam provided you follow some things religiously. This might be with respect to giving away all the social media activities for 6 months, less trips and outings with your friends and families for a while.

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If your aim is much more important than these comforts, surely this ain’t a difficult task for you, right? So, all NEET 2019 aspirants go through this page to know how you can ace NEET 2019 Exam in 6 months.

NEET 2019 Exam Pattern

Before starting the preparation journey, first, it is important that you know the exam pattern of NEET 2019 considering the time left. (You really don’t want to start off in a haphazard manner, right?). The exam will be held in an offline pen and paper based manner. Till 2018, the paper was conducted in traditional pen and paper mode. Take a look at the exam pattern of NEET 2019.

  • Type of Examination: Pen and Paper based offline examination.
  • Type of Questions: Objective Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
  • Total Marks: 720
  • Number of Sections: 3- Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • Number of Questions Per Section: Physics- 45, Chemistry- 45, Biology- 90

How to start preparing for NEET 2019?

Now that we have discussed the expected NEET 2019 Exam Pattern, let’s go to discussing the preparation strategy for the exam. One thing which the candidates have to realize is that it would be a little hard journey for you since a vast amount of time has to be dedicated for studying along with the practice of the questions and constant revisions of all the things till few days before the examination.

We will give the preparation strategy for each of the three sections so that you achieve the best rank in the exam and get your dream medical college.

  • Physics- It is the most feared sections amongst the medical aspirants and the most neglected one as well. One thing which the students have to learn is that the equal time division and considering the small time we have, it becomes even more important.

If you are clear with the concepts, just have a quick revision of all which you studied, and start practising lots of questions. It should not be the case, that you are doing only easy type of questions. You must realise that NEET 2019 will have questions that will test your concepts which you have learned. This will be possible only if you have practised questions of all difficulty levels. Thus the candidates should been do all the type of questions.

  • Chemistry-  For chemistry, the one thing which you have to do is lots and lots of practice for it. The chemistry sections are mainly divided into two parts:
  1. Organic Chemistry
  2. Inorganic Chemistry

For the organic part, there is no other option than to do written practice of various reactions. Organic part of chemistry has lots of named reactions and other numerical related to the reactions which will require an immense amount of practice. Written practice is proven to be the best for preparation of this section.

Make sure that you write all the reactions in a notebook. These will double up as revision notes during the revision phase.

Inorganic chemistry also has lots of numericals which are seen in the NEET Paper. These are based on the concepts which you study during the preparation phase. Thus, it is important that the students, for this section, practise different types of questions. The questions must be a mixture of easy, medium and difficult level questions.

  • Biology- The love of all the medical students, the biology sections is one of the favourite sections of all the 3 above.  Majorly, this section is divided into :
  1. Zoology
  2. Botany

Both of the sections have a lot of facts which the candidates have to memorize. Thus it is important that the students do the revisions on a regular basis. Apart from the revisions, the students should have practised an ample amount of questions in this section. Previous year papers will be of great help at this point in time.

One important thing which we would like to stress on is to take the full-length mock tests for the NEET exam. Taking the full-length mock test will give an idea about how the actual paper is likely to be in the exam. The students can also get an idea of the difficulty level of the questions which can be expected in the paper.

Books for NEET 2019

Now that we have discussed the strategy for all the 3 sections of the NEET 2019, having a knowledge of the ideal and good books which the students must refer to for the preparation of the exam. A good set of books will help the candidate clearing all the concepts of all the 3 sections of the complete NEET paper, considering the less time which you have for the preparation.

Let’s take a look at all the books which the candidates of NEET 2019 must refer to for an effective and overall preparation for the exam. Candidates are advised that they refer to these books for clearing their concepts and practising the questions from these books.

Subject Name of the Book Link to Buy
Physics Concepts of Physics by HC Verma- Vol 1 and Vol 2 Click here to buy
39 Years’ Chapterwise Topicwise Solved Papers (2017-1979) IIT JEE Physics by DC Pandey Click here to buy
Wiley’s Halliday / Resnick / Walker Physics for JEE (Main & Advanced), Vol II, 2018ed Click here to buy
Objective Physics for NEET – Vol. 1 Click here to buy
Chemistry Organic Chemistry, 7e Click here to buy
Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations R C Mukherjee Click here to buy
Numerical Chemistry for JEE(Main & Advanced) & All Other Engineering Entrance Examination (2018-2019) Click here to buy
Organic Chemistry Paperback – 20 Dec 2016 by Robert T. Morrison (Author), Robert N. Boyd (Author) Click here to buy
Biology Trueman’s Elementary Biology for Class 11 and NEET – Vol. 1 (2018 Edition) Click here to buy
Trueman’s Elementary Biology – Vol. 2 for Class 12 and NEET (Old Edition) Click here to buy
Complete NEET Guide Biology Paperback – Jun 2017 Click here to buy
NCERT Xtract – Objective Biology for NEET, AIIMS, Class 11/ 12, JIPMER Click here to buy


Preparation Tips

We have given you the complete preparation strategy for all the 3 sections along with the books for NEET 2019 as well. Now some additional preparation tips won’t be a burden for you, right? Check out these some bonus preparation tips for NEET 2019 which surely will help you achieve great marks in the exam and get the college of your choice.

  • No random books- Do not run after any of the random books for preparation. With 6 months in hand, it is important that you prepare from the recommended books only. Running after random books will not help you in any manner and will only lead to confusion in your mind.
  • Proper Rest- Even though you have only 6 months of preparation, taking proper rest is one thing which the candidates should not forget to take. If the students do not take proper rest before the exam, they will forget all the things which they have learnt. Thus it is necessary to take rest.
  • Good Food-  One should have a proper diet while preparing for the NEET 2019. You should not take heavy junk food, cokes etc. Fruits, wholesome food should be the top priority.
  • No social media-  6 months of NEET 2019 should entirely be dedicated towards preparation and nothing else. No Facebook, No Whatsapp for some time. It will help in focusing the attention only on just preparation phase and nothing else.
  • Have the belief- Even though 6 months for preparation of such a competitive exam are comparatively less, a strategic preparation with a positive attitude will help in the long run to achieve your dream. Stay positive!

How To Prepare For NEET 2019 NEET 2019

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