NEET 2019 Dress Code

National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) 2019 as to be conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA) from the onset of 2019 session will have strict dress code rules for both its male and female candidates. As recorded from the previous year’s irksome malpractices followed during NEET, the conducting agency has got stricter when it comes to abiding by the do’s and don’ts for NEET 2019 dress code.

Amidst all the hue and cry concerning the dress code, what is important to understand is following the notified NEET 2019 dress code will come in handy in terms of saving overall frisking time at the concerned NEET 2019 Test Centres. With the help of our page, know the complete NEET 2019 Dress code, what to wear and what not to. Desirous candidates are hereby informed to follow the said particulars as mentioned below to have a smooth entrance in the to be notified examination centres.

NEET 2019 Dress Code

In the previous years what has been recorded is that many miscreants disrupt the official laws concerning NEET thereby disrupting the overall decorum on the day of examination. In order to avoid such a disruption, in the words of a senior official from CBSE, following a proper dress code by both the male and female candidates on the day of the examination will come handy when it comes to making frisking process quicker and hassle-free.

With around 65,000 seats for MBBS and around 25,00 seats for BDS under NEET 2019, a large number of candidates will be appearing over all India for the same. Managing the frisking time per candidate will only prove beneficial when every candidate appearing for NEET 2019 sticks to the notified NEET 2019 dress code. As notified in its officially released statement by NTA, NEET 2019 will be held on May 05, 2019. What is important to note is, the governing body will notify the proper NEET 2019 dress code in an official declaration to be released before the issuance of NEET 2019 Admit Card.

What will be NEET 2019 Dress Code?

As released in last year’s official NEET information bulletin, there is a complete section for the dress code to be followed strictly by all the appearing candidates NEET 2019 who filled application form. It is expected that NTA NEET 2019 will adhere to the defined set of rules concerning the same. The notified information was as follows:

  • Light clothes with half sleeves not having big buttons, brooch/badge, flower etc. with Salwar / Trouser.
  • Slippers, sandals with low heels and not the shoes.

What to wear and what not to on the day of NEET 2019?

Although we have given the exact defined dress code as mentioned in last year’s information bulletin, here for the convenience of candidates we have laid out in detail what is to be worn and what is not be for male and female candidates. We request the candidates to pay importance to the below said NEET 2019 dress code regulations as much as they pay head to their NEET 2019 preparations.

NEET 2019 Dress Code for Female Candidates

As per last year’s NEET  statistics, a total of 7,46,076 female candidates appeared for the examination. Following the increased number of enrollment per year, NEET 2019 is estimated to see a rise in its number of candidates. Therefore, for a smooth entry without any added trouble, we advise all NEET 2019 female candidates to follow the below-mentioned dress code.

NEET 2019: What to Wear? NEET 2019: What Not to Wear?
  • Salwar
  • Trousers
  • Sandles/ Flip-on
  • Burkha / Hijab (this will come under customary clothing, as mentioned below)
  • Light-half sleeved tops and tees can be worn
  • Light (not in terms of color) Kurtas with no inner pockets
  • Sandals with no or low heels
  • Clear framed power spectacles
  • Hairpins and bands
  • Ornaments like heavy earrings, pendants, noserings,
  • Shoes that is entirely closed and the feet are not at all visible must be strictly avoided.
  • Any dress item with heavy embroidery is to be avoided.
  • Big buttoned tops and fancy skirts with inner pockets are not to be worn.
  • High heeled sandals, especially with block / platform heels, are not to be worn.
  • Big wrist watches where there can be a possibility to hide chits and study materials.
  • Jeans is advised not to be worn
  • Trackpants
  • Leggings / Jeggings

NEET 2019 Dress Code for Male Candidates

As per last year’s statistics of male candidates who appeared for NEET being 5,80,648 and with the number expected to rise for NEET 2019, we have laid out the NEET 2019 dress code for male candidates. It is crucial for such candidates to adhere to the said below for hassle-free entry.

NEET 2019: What to Wear? NEET 2019: What Not to Wear?
  • Light half-sleeved shirts / Tshirts
  • Sandals / Slippers
  • Turbans can be worn by Sikhs (comes under customary clothing)
  • Basic Trousers
  • Clear framed power specs
  • Heavy dialed metal watches must not be worn
  • Shoes of any type are not to be worn
  • Metal bands in the wrist or ornaments of any kind must be strictly avoided.
  • Jeans is advised not to be worn.
  • Trackpants

Why is NEET 2019 Dress Code Stringent?

As stated above, the dress code for NEET 2019 might seem a lot stringent for many appearing candidates. That said, what most of us fail to understand is that this will prove beneficial for them only. Many controversies have been raised in the light of strict frisking and dress code concerning NEET. In light of NEET dress code controversy, it is crucial to realize that at the end of the day such rules are laid out to avoid any malpractices that can be followed otherwise. The better an appearing candidate will follow NEET 2019 dress code, less time will be wasted on his / her frisking.

It was also noted post last year’s NEET examination that lot many male candidates who did not follow the dress code of half-sleeved shirts had to meet the said specification at the then concerned test centre(s). Many candidates, male and female both, had to do away with their shoes before entering the examination hall. We hereby advise all the NEET 2019 aspirants to stick to the NEET 2019 dress code.

Importance of NEET 2019 Dress Code

  • Wearing clothing item with lot many pockets will only increase the overall frisking time.
  • Having heavy ornaments like earrings or many hairpins will only take more time during the metal detector screening.
  • Wearing Shoes and not the specified footwear (sandals / slippers) will only cause further chaos and disturb the overall peace of appearing candidates before the exam. Thus, it is advised to avoid the before exam chaos for a relaxed and better approach to NEET 2019 paper.
  • Wearing heavy clothes with huge broch or heavy embroidery or wearing batches of any kind will serve as a place to hide chits and use it under unfair means, thereby increasing the frisking time.
  • Many candidates have complained in the previous years about the unfair means of touching involved in the frisking. This can be largely avoided in the upcoming examination by abiding by NEET 2019 Dress Code.

NEET 2019 Guidelines for Customary Clothing

Customary clothing, as the confusion goes around, cover all those items of clothing that are religious / tradition specific. To say, Burkha might come under customary clothing for NEET 2019 Muslim female candidates. The below-mentioned clothing / articles will be allowed only on one condition, i.e., they will have to report at least one hour before the last reporting time (which will be specified once NEET 2019 Exam timing is officially released). It is so that proper screening within time can be done.

The items to be covered as customary clothing under NEET 2019 are as follows:

  • Kada and Kirpan as carried by the Sikh candidates. In a plea moved by Sikh students, Sikh aspirants for NEET 2019 will be allowed to carry these “articles of faith”.
  • Burkha / Hijab as to be worn by Muslim females for NEET 2019.

NEET 2019 Code of Conduct: Barred Items

All the candidates who will appear for NEET 2019 on the day of the examination will have to respect and follow the defined code of conduct inside as well as outside the examination hall. Here is a list of barred items that is firmly advised not to be carried for NEET 2019:

  • Any stationery item like textual material (printed or written), bits of papers, Geometry/Pencil Box, Plastic Pouch, Calculator, Pen, Scale, Writing Pad, Pen Drives, Eraser, Calculator, Log Table, Electronic Pen/Scanner etc.
  • Any communication device like Mobile Phone, Bluetooth, Earphones, Microphone, Pager, Health Band etc.
  • Other items like Wallet, Goggles, Handbags, Belt, Cap etc.
  • All ornaments like Ring, Earrings, Nose-pin, Chain/Necklace, Pendants, Badge and Brooch etc. (e) Any Watch/Wrist Watch, Bracelet, Camera, etc.
  • Any metallic item.
  • Any eatable item opened or packed, water bottle etc.
  • Any other item which could be used for unfair means, for hiding communication devices like camera, Bluetooth device etc.

Note: The ‘etc’ stands for any of those items not mentioned otherwise but might as well fall under the above-stated barred items list, like beepers, smartwatches and the likes are also not to be carried. Also, as there will be no special provision of locker rooms, NEET 2019 aspirants are requested not to carry heavy bags or purses along with themselves. In lieu of carrying it themselves, they are advised to leave it either at home or with the accompanying family member.

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