So you have made a mistake in your NEET 2019 Application Form. What next?

If there is any error in your application form of NEET 2019, then chances are that either it will be rejected, or you will have problems later on. Details that you fill in form will generate your candidature as reflected in admit card of NEET 2019 and result.

So a wise thing to do is to resort to NEET 2019 Application Form Correction. Now your question will be: How to edit NEET 2019 application form?

Read on to know how.

NEET 2019 Application Form Correction

NEET 2019 Application Form Correction

This year National Testing Agency (NTA) is conducting NEET 2019. This is a new body that is looking organizing national level medical entrance exam. It is responsible for issuance and acceptance of form. Therefore it is also responsible for form correction.

NTA will release an information brochure containing complete details of NEET 2019 including how to do correction in application form. As soon as it releases, we will update here its details.

However until then, you should check out how it has been done in the past.

Rule #1: Refer official documents while filling form.

NEET is an important exam. Many rules bind it. By filling up its application form, you communicate to NTA that you wish to appear in it. All details filled in form help in generating your candidature. Therefore your first priority should be to ensure that you do not make mistakes. Check official documents to ensure that details and spellings are correct.

Rule #2: Be calm.

You will fill dozens of details in form. It takes time. Do this patiently. You can seek help of an elder in this process. Avoid filling form in a hurry.

How to edit mistakes in NEET 2019 Application Form?

NTA will confirm process. However you can read on to know how form correction was done last year.

  1. After form submission, candidates could log in and check message for CBSE. If CBSE had pointed any error in form, candidates could correct it.
  2. Candidates could also login to check errors in photo and signature, pointed out by CBSE. They could correct them too.
  3. Facility to edit mistakes in form was opened for three days.

It is most likely that NEET 2019 application form correction will be in online mode at

Every year candidates send many requests to exam conducting body for making correction in form. Candidates are instructed to enter correct data in form at time of submission only. However thereafter also they get an opportunity to make correction in data. No correction will be allowed after declaration of NEET 2019 Result.

NEET 2019 Application Form Correction: Fee

If there is any difference in fee due to changing of category, then candidate has to pay that fee. If new fee amount is lower than initial fee amount, then NTA is not likely to pay that amount.

Significance of correct details in NEET 2019 Application Form

If there is a minor mistake in name, is it ok? What if there is a spelling mistake in school name? You may have these and many more questions in mind.

Having correct details in form is critical because your data is verified at several stages. If at any stage your data does not match, then you will face problems. So please make sure that all details in form, however minor you may consider them, should be correct.

Best of luck for NEET!

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