NEET 2018 Rank Predictor – With a few days to go for result, your eagerness to know rank in NEET 2018 must be at its peak! Here is the simplest app to predict your NEET 2018 Rank. Simply enter your marks and hit the predict rank button to see your predicted rank. It gives you accurate results based on recent marks vs rank data. CBSE will officially notify result of NEET 2018 on June 5, 2018, and then you will know how close it is to expected rank as per NEET Rank Predictor. Until then, check out official answer key to know your marks then use NEET 2018 Rank Predictor by AglaSem here on this page to know your rank.

NEET 2018 Result

CBSE has announced the result of NEET 2018 on June 4, 2018 at 12:20 PM. Canidates can check their result now in online mode. Best of luck!
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NEET 2018 Rank Predictor

Enter your marks in the rank predictor below. Then hit “Predict Rank” button.

After exam: Result of NEET 2018 will be announced by June 5, 2018. Check here.

How To Use NEET 2018 Rank Predictor By AglaSem?

NEET 2018 Rank Predictor: How It Works

In the rank predictor, you need to input your score, and the output you get is predicted rank. You will come across at least ten or fifteen rank predictors online. This one is the most reliable as it uses latest data set, and is easiest because there is no need to register for it.

We can tell you how this one, that you see here, is working.

  • Here in this rank predictor for NEET 2018, we have used only last year’s NEET marks vs rank data.
  • This is because there is a very big difference between 2017 and 2016’s marks vs rank. So only the latest data has been used. Data set of several candidates was used.
  • So basically what happens is, say for example you know that last year a student who scored 550 marks in NEET got 10000 rank, then chances are, that if you get 550 marks this year then your rank will be around 10000.
  • This is the basic principle of NEET 2018 rank predictor: to compare last year’s marks vs rank to answer your question of what your rank can be.

Did you predict your rank? Share your predicted rank in NEET 2018 in comments below!

NEET 2018 Rank Predictor

NEET 2018 Rank Predictor: Accuracy

This predictor works on data set. Dataset refers to data available for NEET exam’s marks vs rank of previous years. Now here comes a very interesting observation which you should understand – there was a HUGE DIFFERENCE IN NEET 2017 marks vs rank and NEET 2016 marks vs rank.

In the year 2016, for 600 marks, students got around 250 rank. Whereas in the year 2017, for 600 marks, the rank was in 2000s. Yes, the competition was fierce in the year 2017.

The competition will not get lower, instead it may only get tougher in 2018. So for the NEET 2018 rank predictor, we have only used last year’s data set. So the answer to your first question is, yes, NEET 2018 rank predictor can predict your rank quite accurately, given that competition remains at a similar level.

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NEET 2018 Rank Predictor: Marks vs Rank

Expected Marks vs Rank for NEET 2018

To predict your rank, check out the values of expected rank against the marks scored in exam.

NEET 2018 Marks Range
NEET 2018 Expected Rank
670 – 720 Top 100
600 – 670 100 – 2400
575 – 600 2400 – 6000
550 – 575 6000 – 10000
525 – 550 10000 – 15000
500 – 525 15000 – 25000
475 – 500 25000 – 30000
450 – 475 30000 – 43000
425 – 450 43000 – 50000
400 – 425 50000 – 75000
375 – 400 75000 – 99000
330 – 375 99000 – 118000
300 – 330 118000 – 173000
275 – 300 173000 – 200000
250 – 275 200000 – 239000
235 – 250 239000 – 270000
200 – 235 270000 – 325000
175 – 200 325000 – 390000
150 – 175 390000 – 474000
125 – 150 474000 – 1200000

Actual Marks vs Rank of Past Years

NEET 2017 Marks vs Rank
Here are actual marks scored by candidates in the last year’s NEET UG exam.

124 1234355
137 519359
150 475000
150 474480
172 401275
199 333000
205 326648
235 270549
238 264338
253 239076
277 204595
300 173756
333 119549
375 99000
402 78254
402 78000
438 55278
456 43000
470 34551
484 32607
495 28350
496 27700
530 16226
536 13591
546 12010
552 10442
566 7685
567 7492
569 6381
574 6161
579 4823
581 5148
582 5006
584 4235
589 4086
594 3468
605 2370
624 1110
626 1019
632 801
636 646
644 434
671 82
700 20

NEET 2016 Marks vs Rank
Here are actual marks scored by candidates in the NEET UG exam two years ago.

Marks Rank
685 1
682 2
678 3
653 32
630 78
615 141
601 251
573 702
567 890
558 1240
554 1460
542 2269
533 3116
524 4132
505 6926
498 8426
474 13248
463 16037
458 17331
451 19100
442 21924
440 22900
436 24024
429 26241
405 36000
401 36444
395 41052
382 47898
372 53000
368 55898
348 68000
324 88048
306 104000
265 147613
245 174290
182 279146
118 436918

You can see that there is a lot of difference between NEET 2017 marks vs rank data and NEET 2016 marks vs rank data.

Why is there so much difference in marks vs rank in NEET in last two years?

The only explanation for there being such a huge difference is the rise in competition.

In the year 2016, the total number of registered candidates were 8,02,594.

In the year 2017, the total number of registered candidates were 11,38,890.

This year, it is reported that 13.6 lakh candidates have applied.

There was, however, not a gigantic difference in cut offs.

What is a good rank in NEET?

A good rank in NEET is said to be such a rank which lets you get admission in a government medical college. However, that is just a general perception, and good / bad depends upon your point of view.

It is advisable to set high targets, but if for someone that high target has not been achieved, do not be disappointed. Instead, focus on how to utilise that rank in best feasible manner.

Many a time, students who get average rank, in their opinion, do not sit in counselling at all. They do not realise that there are high chances of getting a seat in some round of counselling at least, if not in first round.

What to do if I do not get good rank in NEET 2018?

If you do not get a good rank in NEET exam, even then register for counselling. There is no guarantee of seat if you attend, but there is surety of no seat if you don’t attend at all. So take your chances, register for counselling. Then in counselling, fill all options. Do not leave out any. If there is any possibility, you will get admission in this year only.

Should I start preparing for NEET 2019 if as per NEET 2018 Rank Predictor, my rank is not too good?

First advise to you is to not give up on chances of admission in 2018 only. Rank predictor works on past year data and any change in competition level will alter your rank. So if your rank is not too good as per NEET 2018 Rank Predictor, even then you may get admission.

If you are planning to appear in NEET 2019, then you can start preparation a little while after NEET 2018 is over. NEET 2019 will be held in May 2019, probably on first Sunday in May 2019. So if you start preparing in May 2018, you will have one whole year to study.

We are sure you will get a good rank in NEET 2018 and get admission. Best of luck!

About NEET 2018

NEET 2018 is the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test. The exam is of national level, meaning that students across the country compete in it at an equal footing. Thus, All India Rank is most important in its result.

On basis of performance in NEET 2018 only, and by fulfilling eligibility conditions of admission, you get admission to MBBS and BDS programs.

All colleges in India that have approval of MCI and DCI use only NEET scores for admission. AIIMS, JIPMER are only two exceptions in this.

Exam Performance in NEET 2018

NEET 2018 will be held on May 6, 2018. All students will appear for the exam on the same date at the same time. It will be a pen and paper mode exam in which maximum marks that can be scored will be 720.

Just after the exam, several coaching centres like aakash, allen, brilliant will release answer keys. You will also get answer keys here: Answer Key of NEET 2018.

Using that key, you can calculate the marks you will score in exam.

Total marks in NEET 2018 = Number of correct answers x 4 – Number of wrong answers x 1.

This is because the marking scheme is +4, -1.

If you have any queries on NEET 2018 Rank Predictor, please ask in the comments section below or at discussion forum.

CBSE NEET UG 2018 Details

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    • Hi Alisha
      The pattern of NEET-UG has not been constant since 2013, trends keep changing every year. Cut off marks have only fluctuated with time. In 2013, the cut off rank for open category under All India 15 % quota was 6002 and cutoff marks was 468.
      In 2014, the cut off rank was 5646, cut off marks was 490.
      In 2015, the cut off rank was 5018, cut off marks was 506.
      And this year, in 2017 the cut off marks was 565, so if you notice, the cut off marks have only been shooting up. You can by now make a rough estimate that, despite the toughness of the paper, the number of students appearing for this examination is only increasing and the competition is getting intense every year.
      So, if you seek admission into any of the government medical colleges under all India 15% quota, aim at scoring above 560 to be on the safe side. The rest depends on the level of toughness of the paper and how well you are able to tackle the questions during examination.

  1. sir i wil get 309 marks in neet,,,,,,,,,i m from general category,,,,,,, which course i will do…..pls…plss…plss….tell……may i do bams ,bhms

  2. my daughter score 505 marks can she will got govt. college in any state ( either Rajasthan or any other state)

  3. I’m getting around 430 in NEET and belong to OBC category in karnataka, what would be my AIR and category wise rank plzzz reply,

  4. Hello, my sister got 360 and we have state reservation (MBC of Tamil Nadu) Is it possible for her to get a seat in a government college in Tamil Nadu?

  5. My son scored 168 we are general – hyderabad karnataka reason. Can any one suggest me is any chance to get mbbs seat even in higher payement but not in management coata.

  6. Sir my brother got 118 marks in neet . General categorie rank is 391100 will get the admission in Govt. Colleges in India

  7. I got 129 marks in neet exam 2018,my AIR rank is 587570 and obc rank is 251528.Then i can got which college govermental or there any call letter from neet.

  8. my neet percentile is 53.597743 is i get government or private collage please give me complete information.

  9. my duaghter got 485 marks in neet 2018 and all India rank is 277500 and category rank is 16245 tell me can she will get govt. college in any state for MBBS seat

  10. Sir/Madam
    My neet parcen tile 44.892084 and mark of 106 out of720 m tell me can see will get in any state for MBBS sheet plz reply your comments

    • As for admission in MBBS in any state , the state has reserved their state candidates quota to 85%, which mean any candidates applying for MBBS admission in other state have only 15% seats available for him. So my suggestion for you would be to apply in your domiciled state for good chance of admission in MBBS.

  11. Sir
    My daughter secured 202 marks ,71.913%, ,3 Lakh’s ( AIR),10,000( ST category) ,does any chance to get seat in any medical college in neet 2018

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