After CBSE had conducted NEET UG on May 6, 2018, coaching centres had released answer keys. It was debated that 12 questions were wrong in NEET 2018. According to students and teachers, 4 questions seemed ambiguous in Chemistry, 2 in Biology, and 6 in Physics. However that was according to the unofficial answer keys, and everyone was waiting for the NEET 2018 Official Answer Key which finally released on May 25, 2018.

Surprisingly, there are no wrong questions in the paper as per official answer key of NEET 2018. However, students were openly invited to submit challenges or report discrepancies in the paper. Deadline to submit challenges was May 27, 2018.

Now CBSE will look into all the challenges and consider them. Subject experts will review the answers and decide on finalizing answers. This decision will be final.

Bonus Marks For Wrong Questions In NEET 2018

If the board finds that there were any wrong questions in the exam, or questions which had ambiguous answers, then it gives bonus marks. Bonus marks in NEET 2018 will be given to all students if such questions are there.

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Who will get bonus marks in NEET 2018 if there are any wrong questions? Only those who have challenged? Or all?

This is the most frequently asked question about this topic. Please note that CBSE will award bonus marks to all candidates if there are any wrong questions. Even those who haven’t answered the question gets bonus marks. Actually there are no written rules about this in the brochure. However this is usually what happens in NEET and other major entrance exams.

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As per NEET 2018 Official Answer Key, there are no bonus marks in NEET 2018; yet.

In the answer key released on May 25, 2018, all questions have an answer. As per that key, there are no bonus marks. Last year, the answer key had two such questions in which answer was marked as “5” indicating that they had no correct options. Students got bonus marks for those.

So are there any chances of getting bonus marks in any question in NEET 2018 now?

Yes, there are still chances. CBSE is yet to review the challenges. If after reviewing, it decides that some questions are fit to deemed as wrong, then bonus marks will be awarded for those. There is no clarity yet whether 4 marks or 5 marks will be awarded for it. In either case, it will be same for all.

Most controversial questions in NEET 2018

We had discussed the controversial questions in detail here: Wrong Questions In NEET 2018. However now that official answer keys are here, let us look at what the official answer keys suggest.

Given below are the controversial questions of NEET 2018. The options marked in green are the answers mention in official answer key.


Q. Which of the following statements is not true for halogens?
A Chlorine has the highest electron-gain enthalpy.
B All form monobasic oxyacids.
C All but fluorine show positive oxidation states
D All are oxidizing agents

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Q. Regarding cross-linked or network polymers, which of the following statements is incorrect?
A They contain strong covalent bonds in their polymer chains.
B They contain covalent bonds between various linear polymer chains.
C Examples are bakelite and melamine
D They are formed from bi- and tri-functional monomers

Q. Carboxylic acids have higher boiling points than aldehydes, ketones and even alcohols of comparable molecular mass. It is due to their
A formation of intermolecular H-bonding
B formation of intramolecular H-bonding
C more extensive association of carboxylic acid via van der Waals force of attraction
D formation of carboxylate ion

Q. Which of the following is correct with respect to – 1 effect of the substituents ? (R = alkyl)
A −NR2>−OR>−F
B −NH2<−OR<−F
C −NH2>−OR>−F
D −NR2<−OR>−F

Q. Match the items given in Column I with those in Column II and select the correct option given below :

Column – I Column – II
(a) Eutrophication (i) UV-B radiation
(b) Sanitary landfill (ii) Deforestation
(c) Snow blindness (iii) Nutrient enrichment
(d) Jhum cultivation (iv) Waste disposal

A a → i, b → ii, c → iv, d → iii
B a → ii, b → i, c → iii, d → iv
C a → iii, b → iv, c → i, d → ii
D a → i, b → iii, c → iv, d → ii


Q. The contraceptive “SAHELI”
A is a post-coital contraceptive.
B blocks estrogen receptors in the uterus, preventing eggs from getting implanted.
C is an IUD.
D increases the concentration of estrogen and prevents ovulation in females.


Q. The magnetic potential energy stored in a certain inductor is 25 mJ, when the current in the inductor is 60 mA. This inductor is of inductance
A 13.89 H
B 0.138 H
C 1.389 H
D 138.88 H

Q. An astronomical refracting telescope will have large angular magnification and high angular resolution, when it has an objective lens of
A small focal length and small diameter
B small focal length and large diameter
C large focal length and large diameter
D large focal length and small diameter

Q19. An electron falls from rest through a vertical distance h in a uniform and vertically upward directed electric field E. The direction of electric field is now reversed, keeping its magnitude the same. A proton is allowed to fall from rest in it through the same vertical distance h. The time of fall of the electron, in comparison to the time of fall of the proton is
A equal
B smaller
C 10 times greater
D 5 times greator

Q18. A pendulum is hung from the roof of a sufficiently high building and is moving freely to and fro like a simple harmonic oscillator. The acceleration of the bob of the pendulum is 20 m/s2 at a distance of 5 m from the mean position. The time period of oscillation is
A 1 s
B 2 π s
C 2s
D πs

Q11. A small sphere of radius r falls from rest in a viscous liquid. As a result, heat is produced due to viscous force. The rate of production of heat when the sphere attains its terminal velocity, is proportional to
A r4
B r3
C r5
D r2

Q28. The volume (V) of a monatomic gas varies with its temperature (T), as shown in the graph. The ratio of work done by the gas, to the heat absorbed by it, when it undergoes a change from state A to state B, is

A 2/7
B 2/5
C 1/3
D 2/3

What next?

Well, NEET 2018 Official Answer Key was quite disappointing for all those students who had found the above questions to be ambiguous. Not only were many unable to answer them, but also they had to waste a lot of time on them.

Now that challenges have been submitted, and we are sure many candidates must have challenged these questions, some result may come out of it.

Few of these questions don’t seem controversial now that official answer keys are here. However a few, at least 2-3 seem to be dicey. Students are waiting for final decision of CBSE in this regard.

Do you think CBSE should award bonus marks for any question(s) in NEET 2018? Share your thoughts in comments below. Also, best of luck for NEET 2018 Result!

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  1. Hope CBSE agree on their mistakes and give bonus marks for so many questions if not so many then at least for 3 to 4 that is 12 to 16….. And also think about their ridiculous of qualifying NEET for abroad

  2. CBSE must give bonus for these questions. I would like to emphasize on another two questions
    Q1 Which one of the following is not an auto immune disorder?
    a) Psorasis
    b) Vitiligo
    c) Rhemutoid Arthritis
    d) Alziehmer’s disease
    According to the modules I studied and other medical journals these all are auto immune disorders.
    question related to the development of amnion was also wrong>

  3. Obviously bonus marks milne chahiye the but kisi ko nhi mile shocking tha hmare liye because ques wrong the na ki hm Hmne to challenge kiya for wrong ques but kuch nhi hua bht bacche border line pe h bonus marks mila to qualify nhi to cbse ki glti ki saza students ko milegi uper se next year 25+ ko koi neet exam nhi hone wala hope hmari help kre koi…

  4. There should have been bonus marks or else no one would be loving to pursue there dream to become a doctor through such contravertial entrance exams

  5. Come on twitter lets tweet to the ministry and cbse for bonus marks i have done it you all are invited to do so as we are stuck on the border line as stated by ritu so come and lets tweet at twitter i have tweeted many times today u all now follw it by ur account @realsaquib

  6. If person doesn’t qualify NEET state board marks should be considered for taking admissions abroad it’s unfair to consider NEET score for abroad admission.It appears goverment has hidden ajenda that medical apirats pay heavy fees in Indian private colleges

  7. CBSE cheated with the students. This cbse chief must be sacked, this government should be sacked immediately otherwise our future will be ruined.

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