The Delhi High Court has granted interim relief to all students regarding NEET 2018 age limit. As of now, all students can apply for NEET 2018. However, their final eligibility as per NEET 2018 age limit will be clarified in the final hearing which is in April.

Following has been the ongoing NEET 2018 age limit saga.

NEET 2018 age limit has been a point of controversy. Final decision on age limit for NEET 2018 shall also apply for NEET 2019 and NEET to be held in later years. This crucial decision was pending for long. Now, Medical Council of India Gazette clears this point. Know here the final decision on NEET 2018 age limit and factors surrounding it.

NEET 2018 Result

CBSE has announced the result of NEET 2018 on June 4, 2018 at 12:20 PM. Canidates can check their result now in online mode. Best of luck!
Click Here For NEET 2018 Result

NEET 2018 Age Limit

All students are hereby informed that NEET 2018 shall have lower as well as upper age limits.

Lower age limit for NEET 2018

A candidate should have completed 17 years of age as on December 31 of the year of admission.

This means, that for NEET 2018, you should be at least 17 years old on December 31, 2018. Which means you should have been born not later than December 31, 2001.

Upper age limit for NEET 2018

In order to be eligible for NEET, candidate can be at max 25 years old as on the date of examination. SC, ST, OBC category candidates will get a relaxation of 5 years, which means they can be at max 30 years old.

To summarize

NEET 2018 General SC/ST/OBC
Lower age limit as on Dec 31, 2018 17 17
Upper age limit as on date of exam 25 30

Proof of final decision on age limit for NEET 2018 is as follows.

NEET 2018 age limit

It says,

Provided further that in order to be eligible, the upper age limit for candidates appearing for National Eligibility Entrance Test and seeking admission to MBBS programme shall be 25 years as on the date of examination with a relaxation of 5 years for candidates belonging to SC/ST/OBC category and persons entitled for reservation under the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016.

You can download the e-gazette here.

The Gazette further states complete eligibility criteria for NEET.

NEET 2018 age limit

An age limit is prescribed for NEET exam. Students appearing in NEET 2018 or NEET 2019 must be aware of NEET 2018 age limit and NEET 2019 age limit. The age limit is a condition set by CBSE for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test as per recommendations of the Medical Council of India and Dental Council of India. If a student satisfies age limit criteria and other conditions such as attempts and educational eligibility criteria, then, they can appear in NEET exam.

On this topic, there have been a lot of controversies.

Here is what happened previously, before the above gazette was published.

To start with, keep in mind that the lower age limit to appear in NEET 17 years. Admission seeker should be at least 17 years old as on admission or as on 31st December of year of MBBS/BDS admission. Only 17 years or older students should apply.

The age limit for NEET 2018 has been a raging question ever since an upper age limit was introduced last year (and then removed, and now again re-introduced).

CBSE is yet to notify a final decision on it, but MCI’s gazette dated January 23, 2018 can be taken as a final decision.

In November 2017, an aspirant had reached out to the competent authorities through Cpgrams – Public Grievances and asked “I want to know a information related to NEET UG. Is there any upper age limit for appearing in NEET UG as of now“.

This query was received by the Department of Health and Family Welfare that responsed on 14th December 2017 with the response “The upper age limit for appearing in in NEET UG is 25 years from the academic year 2018-19.

A screenshot of the correspondence was tweeted and the same is shown below.

NEET 2018 age limit

In August 2017, an aspirant had reached out to the board through an RTI asking “Is there an upper age limit criteria for NEET (UG) 2018? If so can a graduate student born after 01/05/1992 and before 01/01/1993 eligible for appearing in NEET (UG) 2018?

CBSE/NEET answered “Kindly wait for the notification of NEET (UG) 2018 examination”.

To know about NEET 2019, check NEET 2019

You can read RTI in question below.

NEET 2018 age limit

With so much going on around NEET, it was advised that it would be better for all concerned to follow final decision on NEET 2018 Age Limit only after CBSE releases NEET 2018 information brochure.

CBSE had released NEET information brochure on February 5 last year. But it is important to note that last year there was a delay in the overall process. Prior to that year, brochure for NEET / AIPMT was released in mid-December.

Age limit was introduced in 2017, removed, now again re-introduced.

The upper age limit, an age limit of 25 years (upper age limit) was introduced last year. The information brochure of NEET for year of exam stated “The upper age limit for NEET is 25 years as on the date of examination with a relaxation of 5 years for candidates belonging to OBC/SC/ST category. (As per letter no. U.12023/16/2010- ME-II dated 17.01.2017 received from MoH&FW)”.

However, soon after the publication of this age limit for NEET, it was met with a lot of opposition. The Supreme Court of India asked MCI to look into it, to which MCI had said that in its opinion, young have better ability to grasp knowledge and those below 25 years of age are more capable of studying medicine.

Another logic in support of having an upper age limit is that a student who has just passed class 12 has to compete with much older students who have been preparing for medical entrance exams for several years. This is unjust to younger students and hence there should be a maximum age cap.

However, the Supreme Court had ruled that there will be no upper age limit for candidates who will appear for NEET 2017. Form dates were also extended to let students, who could not apply earlier due to age limit, apply.

An interim order stated “As we, prima facie, find such an age limit could not have been determined by way of a notice on the basis of the instructions issued by the Medical Council of India, it is appropriate to direct that all the desirous candidates will be allowed to fill up the forms on the online portal of the CBSE on or before April 5, 2017.”

The final decision.

Will there be an upper age limit for NEET 2018 or NEET 2019?

To answer that, MCI’s gazette dated January 23, 2018 can be referred. It clearly states that there is an upper age limit. Students can consider that this verdict will be valid for this year and hence only those who fulfill upper age limit (25 years / 30 years) can apply and prepare for NEET 2018 and NEET 2019.

Note – Candidates who are going to appear for the NEET 2018 and NEET 2019 should be in touch with all the recent updates regarding the age limit and other requirements which will be available on the official website of CBSE or MCI/DCI.

If you have any queries on NEET 2018 Age Limit, please ask in the comments section below or at discussion forum.

CBSE NEET UG 2018 Details

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  1. Sir i want to do B.A.M.S (Ayurveda), I have good knowledge of Ayurveda. I realized the importance of life now & want to dedicate my onward life in serving people.

    1. DoB :20 Dec, 1987
    2. XII (2005) without biology 61.33% (Maharashtra)
    3. XII (2017) Biology & Hindi (isolated), Now PCB became : 154/300 (Maharashtra)

    So please let me know ? Am i eligible for NEET 2018 ? Must reply, your suggestion is most valuable to me.

    • Hi Deepak,

      Could you please share your contact details. I would like to know about the isolated Biology part. Even I had PCM and had left out Biology and now I am intending to appear for NEET in the 2020. Could you share your experience on the same

      • Yes, You can give Biology (Isolated). It had been considered at that time for Neet & BAMS Admission. But currently check the new rules once again, it changes time to time. Go your college & inquiry about it they will explain to you everything; It’s very simple & easier process. You will only have to pay 1 paper fees, at that time it was 250₹ only. I was from Maharashtra board, So i had given Biology Th + Pr + Internal = 100 Mark. While taking admission on BAMS some college may ask for “No objection” Certificate depends on universities. “Best of Luck”

  2. Hi Deepak
    We appreciate your thinking, as per current information only minimum age is specified according to which individual must be at least 17 years old as on or before 31st December of 2018 but no official information is there regarding maximum age limit.

    Also MCI or DCI or CBSE or at least one among concerned authorities will have to issue notice. Students are in considering that the SC verdict will be valid for this year and hence even those who are above 25 years are preparing for NEET 2018 and NEET 2019.

  3. CBSE hasn’t any power to put an upper age limit.Only MCI can put an upper age limit if they pass a regulation.Without passing a regulation MCI can’t put an upper age limit criteria for appearing NEET 2018.But according to recent RTI there is no upper age limit as of now.

  4. sir i am Dr Rajaram i have completed my 12th in 2003 then i did BAMS( got admission in 2003 and comlited in 2008) then practiced for 5 yrs and then did MD in ayurveda only , my running age is 32yrs, now i want do mbbs , i saw many comments that 30yrs will be highest age limit ( is it true), and i also read that those who had did nursing they had age relaxation ( is it true) if it is true then is there some age relaxation to BAMS gradutes irrespective of cast .
    i want way to MBBS admision at any cost please guid me

    • Hi Dr RAJARAM, i am also in the same condition and collected some information for doing mbbs, plz send the details of ur college, state where u completed so that i can share the information what i have gathered.

      thank u
      [email protected]

  5. Sir..
    I am doing bsc(H) from DU with Biomedical science course.But, now i realised that i have no interest in research field and now i am confuse about what should i do.could i go for doing mbbs or persuing bsc.

  6. Sir….i always wants to be a doctor…but due to some financial situation..i choosed bsc (N) but now i want to appear NEET to get admission in a medical college to full fill my dream…my date of birth is 2/01/1992…plzz i need ur suggestions….




  8. I have given my 12th board in 2017 bt it is in compt and i will give my cmpt this yr my %age is 60% bt comp in chem. i m confused about marks filling….

  9. Dear Sir,

    i would like to know about age factor for BCE for muslim community i am belongs to shaik-12 BCE category
    my date of birth 16/06/1992 are i eliglble for neet 2018 please tell us

    i am belongs to telangana state

    • The age limit in order to be eligible for NEET exam is 17 years (lower age limit) as on December 31, 2019, and 25 years (upper age limit for general) and 30 years (upper age limit for OBC/SC/ST). This age limit may or may not be applicable as per final decision of the authorities. So you are eligible, but I recommend you to wait for the final decision.

  10. Sir my date of birth is 19-03-1988…. Firstly I try to fill form in February but that time is showing that you are over age but on 6 March when I try to fill form ….. My form is filled and registration number comes…. But now I m trying to download admit card but it is not opening …. There it is coming you are over age ….

  11. Sir i wanna know how much marks are essential to get selected….n did studying previous NEET question papers help me to get sufficient marks…???

  12. Sir my date of birth is january17 2002.. so as i hv checked age criteria even after doing 10+2 am i not eligible of giving neet exam just because of a gap of 16 days…😔

  13. Two things which are seriously wrong with the Indian system

    1. Upper age limit of 25 years for General medical aspirants and 30 years for the SC/ST: Dear Indian government, in today’s date what is so special about SC/ST categories that they be given a relaxation?
    Their kids are born the same, and if equality is to be everywhere, then why not in this aspect? By introducing this disparity, are you really meaning to say that the SC/ST kids’ brains develop and ‘grasp’ concepts at a slower pace than the general category students?

    2. Upper age limit in the first place: I hear the MCI’s argument about adding a restriction for the upper age group – “young have better ability to grasp knowledge and those below 25 years of age are more capable of studying medicine.
    Another logic in support of having an upper age limit is that a student who has just passed class 12 has to compete with much older students who have been preparing for medical entrance exams for several years. This is unjust to younger students and hence there should be a maximum age cap.”
    My comments to MCI: Are you guys for real? Do you understand that there are students who don’t get a chance to be doctors when they are young because they have to support their families and dream of earning enough money so they can one day fund their own education, without becoming a burden on their parents? I hope you are aware that your immature decisions kill such students’ dreams prematurely. I am one of them.
    I, however was lucky enough to migrate to North America where there isn’t any such foolhardy restriction on who can study what. I am 35 years old and on my way to med school here. Hurrah!

    Hear, hear MCI: I am going to become an extremely successful and a brilliant doctor one day, and I will be sure to make it public – how narrow minded the Indian system is about giving chances to it’s older population to study and achieve their dreams. You just wait and watch.
    No wonder India is experiencing a brain drain.

    As for the ‘unjust to younger students’ opinion: I wonder why countries like North America don’t feel that 35 year olds competing with their younger students for the same med school seats, is ‘unjust’. It’s probably because the Americans aren’t scared of giving their younguns challenges. They don’t feel the need to introduce upper age limits because they feel everyone deserves a chance and if a young student competes with the older ones, it’ll still be fair, because let me tell you the harsh reality. Older students who dream of becoming doctors aren’t doing it late in life because they have spent years preparing fro the med exam! It’s because they had to take care of other important stuff too!
    Fairness runs both ways. Indian system is only looking out for the young and crushing its older generation. Such a shame. Believe me,

    For the last point that young ones are able to grasp concepts faster than the older population… I won’t even grace such belittling comment by the Medical council of India with an answer! But such reamrks are the reasons Indians feel ashamed of their own country. Sad.

    – An ashamed Indian. An aspiring doctor who will one day touch innumerable lives! Wait and watch my friends.

  14. Dear sir I am Swapnil Nagare from Nashik Maharashtra
    I gave the exam NEET 2018 my age is 31 year from obc catagery but my result is pending not show any mark only written as not applicable
    Also I may got 200+ mark as answer sheet cross checked by me

  15. Hi all

    I am from Social background, after read all the comments i am worried. Our constitution has given the equal right for study to everyone but amendments by MCI (For MBBS) is not justified, if a person has interest in Ayurveda that means he /she has more grape power then others so i hope age should not be a barrier in study. A person working as a helper with BAMS doctor since 10 years, is more efficient to learn about Ayurveda. So from my point of view there may be not the upper age limit for BAMS because MCI is not concerned with Ayurveda programme.

  16. I ‘m an ayurveda student.i wish to study mbbs after bams? Am I able to study mbbs?I will pass out bams only at the age of 25.l ‘m a general category student.can i study mbbs after that??

    • For general student maximum age limit to apply for NEET is 25. i.e if you are less than 25 years at the time of registration you can apply for NEET.

    • Hi Sapna!

      In NEET a candidate has to complete a minimum age of 17 years at the time of admission. And by the time of NEET 2020, you are already 19. So, you can give the NEET exam in 2020.

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