Some of the questions most frequently asked by NEET students are:

  • How to study NCERT for NEET?
  • Is NCERT enough for NEET biology?
  • Is NCERT biology enough for NEET 2018?
  • Is NCERT enough for NEET 2018?
  • How many questions come from NCERT in NEET?

So you see, a lot of your queries may also revolve around NCERT books for NEET 2018 / 2019.

NEET 2018 Result

CBSE has announced the result of NEET 2018 on June 4, 2018 at 12:20 PM. Canidates can check their result now in online mode. Best of luck!
Click Here For NEET 2018 Result

Teachers and experts always say that NCERT books are a must for NEET 2018 and NEET 2019.

If you are preparing for NEET UG or are planning to do so now, then please note that you should be through with NCERTs first. It may or may not be enough, but it is important to go read, understand, and solve all questions in it.

NCERTs build your conceptual base of PCB which is essential to crack NEET.

Anyone preparing for a NEET 2018 or NEET 2019 is aware of the fact that books play a crucial role in our success. Without the right guidance and books, all our preparation can prove to be a waste. Choosing the right book can help ostracize a lot of wasted effort. Students need to be diligent in choosing the supportive material that is not only effective but also time-saving.

NCERT Is Most Important For NEET 2018 / NEET 2019 Preparation

Especially if we talk about NEET, we all know that NEET is one of the most popular exams of national importance. There is no actual estimate or number or figures that can encompass the popularity of NEET.

Why go for NCERT first?

Dear aspirants! Why we recommend NCERT first is because extreme care, keeping in mind needs and requirements of a student has gone into designing contents of NCERT. The aim of NCERT is always to clear your concepts along with sufficient logic. You can always go for other supportive material after you have gone through NCERT first.

What are other reference material for NEET?

Well, there are a number of options these days. First of all, you can take help from the Internet. It is the most convenient and resourceful option. You can find e-books or online versions of these books. Download applications that come free and fit in your pocket. You get to carry all the tools in your phone. Other option could be:- if you have already joined any coaching institute, they will provide you their own supportive material. However, do not completely and solely rely on it. Take help form it, use it for as much as practice as you can.

Lakhs of students appear for it hoping to clear it in order to secure a seat in their desired MBBS/BDS admission. CBSE conducts this exam annually. And the toughness of the exam shows in the fact that only a few thousand make it through. So guys if you are also looking forward to clear NEET 2018 exam this year, then do get these books. You still have time. So let’s started.

To know about NEET 2019, check NEET 2019

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If you have any queries on NEET NCERTs, please ask in the comments section below or at discussion forum.

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