What Manish Mulchandani did, is an inspirational story. He grabbed All India Rank 3 in National Eligibility cum Entrance Test UG, and also rank 10 in AIIMS MBBS Entrance Exam. For over a million students reading this article, he is a person to look up to and get motivated by. With two major achievements in his bag, he humbly shares his success story so that future doctors can benefit. Thank you Manish!

Manish Mulchandani – AIIMS and NEET Topper

NAME Manish Mulchandani
STATE Indore, MP
SCHOOL The bhavan’s prominent school,Indore
Class 12th Score 84%
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# About Manish

Manish Mulchandani will tell you how he got NEET AIR 3, and AIIMS Rank 10!

Aglasem: Congratulations Manish! for scoring 10th rank in AIIMS in the very first attempt and 3rd rank in NEET entrance exam . How are you feeling at this stage?

Manish: I cannot express my feelings in words. Its of that level. It’s almost like a dream come true.

Aglasem: Can you share a bit about family? How did they support you through your preparations?

Manish: My dad is mechanical engineer and my mom Priya Mulchandani is a housewife. They did not interfere with my studies. They had complete trust in me. They asked me to do exactly what my teachers told me.

Aglasem: You have mentioned in your previous interviews that you were living in a hostel. Is it true ? Did you face any difficulty in living away from your family and preparing for such a difficult exam?

Manish:  Yes! For the last 6 months I was living in a hostel. I was living in Allens. It was not only a hostel, it was an academic centre. The classes were scheduled in the hostel itself. If we had any additional requirement, the teachers would come into our room and we could interact one on one. Also they answered doubts through phone call, whatsapp or skype.

Aglasem: Did you have any counselling session before your preparations?

Manish:  No serious counselling session. I already knew that my aim was to become a doctor and the rest of the academic session was held in the classes only. No extra counselling session was required. Just before the classes commence Allen had a counselling session, that was mega counselling session by our Director and the students interacted there.

Aglasem: What made you choose medical science?

Manish: Right from the beginning, it was my parent’s dream that I should become a doctor. My mother was also a medical aspirant but she missed by 1 or 2 marks, so she wanted me to become a doctor. And right from the beginning my interest has molded in that way.

Aglasem:  Are you a Social Media user?

Manish: No I avoided social media totally for these 2 years, now I use it but back then I avoided Facebook, twitter. I only used Whatsapp for sharing information and interacting with my faculties.

Aglasem: How did you relax from such a hectic schedule? What are your hobbies?

Manish: I used to use my smart phone very wisely. I used to watch cartoons like Tom and Jerry and motivational and entertaining videos. I also used to listen to songs when I was out and when I was at home I watched TV.

# About Prepararations

Aglasem: Which was the most difficult subject according to you and how did you go about studying for it?

Manish: As every medical aspirant will tell you Physics is very tough for a medical aspirant. Even if in the beginning you feel it’s easy, the atmosphere is created as if physics is a very tough subject. So,  it’s basically the mindset of all the mentors and teachers that as soon as a student enters the coaching or medical preparation, the one thing that they tell you is that  physics subject is difficult for everyone and we will be helping you with that. So right from Day 1, a fear is set in every aspirant’s mind that physics is a tough subject and we cannot do it. So I had that fear and my faculty helped me get out of it and I did very well in this subject. Practise was another thing that helped me to overcome my fear.

Aglasem: You and Archit Gupta 2nd rank holder in NEET were living in the same hostel. IS it true? Did you Prepare together?

Manish: No we actually did self study and group discussions. That was one reason for my stay at the hostel, group discussions help a lot. Whether it is mugging up things or clearing your doubts.

Aglasem: Was there any difference in preparing for NEET and AIIMS ?

Manish: No as far as the course is concerned there is no difference. Neither in Chemistry nor in Biology. In Physics there are a few additional topics like ‘Lasers’ and ‘Communication Distance’ that you have to study apart from NEET syllabus. Also in examination the level of questions asked in NEET are much higher. NEET physics is all about putting the values into the formulas and getting the answers whereas in AIIMS physics you have to somewhere integrate or use some other calculations. So this is the major difference between AIIMS and NEET. As far as GK and Maths portions of the exam are concerned they were very easy. If an aspirant reads only the front page of the newspaper then also you’ll be able to get all the questions correctly. So that was not an issue.

Aglasem: What are the books that you would refer to prepare for NEET and AIIMS ?

Manish: Narendra Avasthi’s Physical Chemistry, NCRT Exemplar, Himanshu Pandey’s Organic Chemistry

Aglasem: So do you think joining Coaching is necessary?

Manish:  Yes coaching is very necessary because faculty there are very experienced. The most important thing is they guide you in the right direction. In these two years you have to study many things and if you study each and every topic in detail you will not be able to complete the syllabus. So the guidance that I got from the faculty that you should study all the topics only from the exam point of view, only to level that the examination questions are asked.

# About Plans

Aglasem: Which area will you be specialising in AIIMS and NEET?

Manish: I haven’t decided yet, I’ll be completing my MBBS first.

Aglasem: Any specific future plan?

Manish: I’ll be graduating then I complete my post graduation in any branch that I will decide. …( Specialisation of fellowship? ?)

Aglasem:  What is your preferred college?

Manish: AIIMS, New Delhi

# Message to future NEET and AIIMS aspirants

Aglasem: What is your message to the future aspirants of NEET and AIIMS and our Aglasem viewers?

Manish:  For future aspirants the most important thing is that you should not aspire for a particular college, you should aspire for a medical seat in any good medical government college which you’ll definitely be getting through NEET examination. And for NEET preparation, before you start your preparation you have to look at the level of questions which are asked. The mindset with which the question is set and what the basic purpose of this examination is. The purpose is they don’t want to check your knowledge, they want to check your NEET accuracy, temperament and presence of mind. So actually your knowledge won’t ensure that you get into a college but your score will. So you should concentrate more on exam related topic and not on syllabus related topics.

Manish will cross several milestones with his exemplary attitude. We wish him best in his future endeavours. Future doctors who are preparing for entrance exams must read his story to be inspired and understand how toppers prepare.

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