Last minute tips for NEET 2018 are important. The exam is just around the corner. It will be conducted on May 06, 2018. Lakhs of candidates prepare hard whole year for this exam. It is one of the toughest medical exams. Many students come under stress at this point. They face anxiety and nervousness days before the exam. It is important to keep both of them under control.

Candidates who are giving the NEET 2018 exam should read this page about Last Minute Tips For NEET 2018.  They will find all the last minute preparation tips they should follow before the exam. They will also find guidelines which have been issued by CBSE which should be kept in mind to avoid last minute hassles.

NEET 2018 Result

CBSE has announced the result of NEET 2018 on June 4, 2018 at 12:20 PM. Canidates can check their result now in online mode. Best of luck!
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Last Minute Tips For NEET 2018

For any medical aspirant, NEET is the most important exam. This exam guarantees admission to some of the best medical colleges in India. As NEET 2018 exam nears, it is important that the candidates should note these last-minute preparation tips. It will help them in not making any mistakes on the day of the exams. Read further.

Preparation Tips

Every candidate, until the end moment, feels that they are not well prepared for the exam and start questioning their preparation for the exam. It should not be the case. We are providing here some tips that the candidate should do before the exam.

  • Belief is the key: The biggest thing they should have is the belief in themselves, that they can perform well. Many candidates even though, prepare well during the year, lose the confidence. They think that they haven’t done enough and thus perform poorly in the exam. It should not be done. They should have the faith that they will perform well.

Last Minute Tips For NEET 2018: Revise and Believe In Yourself

  • Revise and Revise: Few days before the exam, candidates must only aim to revise the concepts which they have studied whole year. NEET tests the candidate on conceptual and application-based questions. These type of questions requires that they are well versed in the concepts. This will only be possible if the candidate has done the proper revision. Keep Revising!

Last Minute Tips For NEET 2018: Revise and Believe In Yourself

  • Analysing the Mocks:  Last few weeks or days must be dedicated more towards analysing the mocks than simply just taking the mocks. Analysis helps the candidate find their flaws which they need to work upon.
  • No new topics:  At this point, no new topic should be taken up by the student. It will result in more confusion and will cause a lot of problem for the candidate.
  • Proper Rest and diet are crucial. Candidates must have 6-7 hours of sleep, accompanied by a healthy diet. It will help the candidate be active during the main exam.
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General Tips

CBSE, the conducting body of NEET, has released some guidelines for the candidates. It is to avoid any difficulty to the candidate. They are advised that they read these guidelines carefully so that they do not miss out the information.

  • Check the dress code which has been specified by the CBSE. They will have to report to the exam hall in the dress code only.
  • Report to the exam hall atleast an hour before the allotted time. Vigorous checking and frisking of the candidates shall be done at the exam centre. Hence it is crucial to reach on time.
  • Bring all the documents which are required to be presented on exam day. This includes admit card and passport sized photograph.
  • No metallic objects shall be with the candidates during the exam. If found, they will not be allowed to sit in the exam hall.
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