JIPMER 2018 is the next big exam after NEET 2018. It is also considered as one of the toughest exams to crack. It is scheduled to be held on 03 Jun 2018 whereas NEET is on 06 May 2018.

Recently Jawaharlal Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research has been ranked 6th in a NIRF Medical Ranking 2018. Lakhs of candidates prepare for this exam. Thus the preparation of such an exam demands a well-planned strategy.

We are providing here the complete plan for JIPMER entrance exam after NEET 2018. Candidates who are preparing for this exam must read this to know the tips, strategy of this exam. Read this article to know more.

[Reminder: JIPMER 2018 Admit Card will be available for download from 21 May 2018.]

JIPMER Entrance Exam Strategy

Any competitive exam demands from the students that they are well prepared for the battle. This will only happen if they know how to prepare themselves accordingly. Thus it is important to know how to go about for this exam. Read further to know more.

JIPMER Exam Pattern

It is crucial that the candidate first knows the exam pattern of JIPMER. Knowing the exam pattern will help them prepare accordingly. Let’s have a look at the examination pattern of JIPMER.

  • Total Duration of the Exam: 2.5 hours
  • Mode of the Exam: Computer-Based Test (CBT)
  • Language of the Exam: English only
  • Number of Questions:  200

Tip: Check NEET 2018 Answer Key after exam. Analyse sections you can easily score in and those you need to work on. This will help you practise for JIPMER 2018 

Distribution of Paper:

Subject Number of Questions
Physics 60
Chemistry 60
Biology 60
English Language and Comprehension 10
Logical and Quantitative Reasoning 10
Total 200

The questions of the exam will be based on the prescribed syllabus by CBSE for class 12 and State Board Higher Secondary.

Important Books for JIPMER

For preparation purpose, it is always suggested to the candidates that they first study NCERT because it will clear all the basic concepts which the exam demands. Apart from this, various other good books are there from which the candidates can prepare. We are providing here the complete list of all the important books. Check it below

Books Link to Buy
JIPMER Medical 15 Years’ Solver Papers [Most Recommended] Click Here
Concepts of Physics – Vol 1 Click Here
Concepts of Physics- Vol 2 Click Here
Wiley’s Objective Biology for NEET Paperback Click Here

How to prepare for JIPMER?

Now that we know about the exam pattern of JIPMER, the next big question is “ How to prepare for the exam?“. JIPMER is a tough exam.

JIPMER MBBS Entrance Exam tests the candidates more on their conceptual skills than the simple mugging up.

Hence it is important that the student does not take this exam lightly and prepare for it with utmost seriousness.

  • Clarity of Concepts:  JIPMER is an exam which tests the candidates on their clarity for various concepts. Analysis of JIPMER 2017 shows that the physics has been the section which tests the clarity of concepts. Biology section had straightforward questions. Chemistry had questions based more on biochemistry results. Hence it means that the candidate should have complete clarity of the concepts.
  • Practice is the key:  We have heard from our elders, how important it is to keep practising. They are right! Students preparing for this exam must do the same. They should practice a whole lot of questions. This will help them in preparing well for the exam. There will be better chances that the candidate will make no mistake in JIPMER 2018 if they practice well.

How To Prepare For JIPMER Entrance Exam After NEET 2018?

  • Keep it short: There is a tendency of candidates to forget the small but important formulas for the exam, be it from any subject, due to many factors. Making short and crisp notes will do the job. They can write some important formulas and information on these notes and carry with them anywhere. They are easy to carry and you would not be simply wasting away the time.
  • Take the mocks:  Taking regular mocks is one of the most important things that the student must do. JIPMER has also released an official mock which the candidate can take. It lets the candidate have an idea of the level of difficulty of the questions.
  • Be the Sherlock!-  Simply taking the mocks and not analysing them in detail is the biggest mistake the candidate can make in their preparation. Analysis of the mock taken is necessary. It helps the candidates have an idea about the weak areas which they should strengthen up. They should take the exam within the time constraints so as to se their body clock accordingly.

How To Prepare For JIPMER Entrance Exam After NEET 2018?

  • Breathe out the stress- Preparation of competitive exam brings with them the obvious thing-Stress! Students tend to take the stress of the exam, their expected performance on D-Day. They should not do this. Practising meditation and breathing exercise will help the candidates in relieving their stress and perform at their best.
  • Good Food and Sleep: Having a good diet and a proper sleep is very much essential in the journey of preparation for this exam. They should have atleast 6-7 hours of sleep and nutritious diet is crucial, until the day before the exam. It will help them retain the concepts that they have studied and will perform well in the exam.

Best wishes to candidates of JIPMER 2018!!

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