How To Prepare For AIIMS 2019?-  Cracking a medical exam is itself a battle to be fought for many of those who prepare for it. With so many terms to be remembered in biology; chemical reactions which take away your sleep; and the nightmare Physics- only one-word suits well in this scenario-Scary!!!!!. And if we talk about “AIIMS 2019”, it itself runs shivers down the spine of many students. One question all of you have in mind is “How to Prepare for AIIMS 2019?“, considering the fluctuating nature of the paper.

No worries! Keep calm and read this article about How to prepare for AIIMS 2019? in a systematic way. We will provide all the information related to the preparation such as the exam pattern, how to prepare for each of the section, important books for each of them and some bonus preparation tips. Ready, steady, Read!!

How To Prepare For AIIMS 2019?

AIIMS is one important medical exam for the students apart from the other such as NEET and JIPMER. It conducts its own entrance exam. Hence it is necessary that the aspirants prepare for it diligently. Scroll through the article to know the strategies to prepare for this exam.

What is the Exam Pattern?

The first thing that the aspirants of AIIMS 2019 must know is the Exam Pattern of AIIMS 2019. The exam is conducted in two shifts as Computer Based Test (CBT). AIIMS 2018 was conducted on two days i.e. May 26, 2018, and May 27, 2018. The other things related to the AIIMS 2019 Exam Pattern are :

Type of Examination:  Objective Type
Number of Questions: 200
Language of the Question:  English and Hindi
Duration of the Exam: 3.5 hours

Marking System:  For every correct answer, a candidate will be awarded 1 mark. There is an important thing which has to be remebered is that there will be negative marking as well for wrong answers. 0.33 marks will be deducted for wrong answers marked by the candidate.

Battle of Preparation

You may be appearing for the first time in AIIMS 2019 or given the AIIMS 2018 exam but want to take a drop and get a good college with more preparation. Whatever be the case, it is essential that you be well prepared for the exam just like a warrior in the battle (Spartaaann!!!).

For this, it is essential that you have the best preparation strategy with you. Worry not, Your guardians are here to save you! We are giving some tips for each of the sections which are asked in the paper so that you prepare well and ace the exam with great marks.


Know how to prepare for AIIMS 2019 Physics.

  • PHYSICS- It is one of the most feared sections amongst medical aspirants. This is so because they tend to focus more on Biology part which is of more marks as compared to the other sections. There you make the mistake!

The first thing which the candidates have to realise is that giving more importance to one section and neglecting the other would not lead you anywhere in your aim. It has to be realised that equal importance has to be given to each of the section.

For freshers, it would be beneficial that they first clear their concepts about the various topics of Physics. Practising Easy level questions of each topic would help you make your base on the particular topic. After this, you must move on to higher level questions to apply those concepts to the questions.

Those who are taking the drop, it would be recommended that they first brush up their concepts through a quick revision. After that, they can move on to the higher level questions.

Books for Physics: For every section of the AIIMS Paper, NCERT is a must thing to read. The concept clearing should be done from the NCERT. The exercises from those questions can be practised as a base test. To practice higher level questions, the following books are recommended.

Name of the Book Link to Buy
Concept of Physics Part-1 (2018-2019 Session) by H.C Verma Click here to buy
Concept of Physics Part-2 (2018-2019 Session) by H.C Verma Click here to buy
Understanding Physics for JEE Main & Advanced Electricity & Magnetism Click here to buy
Objective NCERT at Your Fingertips for NEET-AIIMS – Physics Click here to buy
Principles of Physics, 10ed, ISV Click here to buy


Know how to prepare for AIIMS 2019 Chemistry.

  • CHEMISTRY: Practice and Practice! This section demands an extensive practice. A lot of chemical reactions in organic chemistry, numericals from the physical chemistry: sure to set your brain in active mode!. Hence in this, it is required that the candidate , whether fresher or a dropper, does that.

For organic chemistry, ensure that you practice the reactions by writing them instead of simply memorising it. This applies for both the type of students. Numericals related to it should also be done.

Make sure you write all the reactions in a neat and clean notebook. This will double up as revision notes during the last time.

Inorganic section is full of numericals. Thus this section should be done with attempting as many numericals as possible of all difficulty levels. The rest of the topics such as Bio molecules, Polymers, Chemistry in everyday life and Pollution should also be read once and not completely ignored.

Books for Chemistry: Here also, reading the NCERT plays a big role. Apart from it, students can read the following books while preparing for AIIMS 2019 Exam. Have a look!

Name of the Book Link to Buy
New Pattern CHEMISTRY – A master practice book for JEE Main & Advanced Paperback – 2016 Click here to buy
Organic Chemistry, 7e Click here to buy
Concise Inorganic Chemistry: Fifth Edition by J.D. Lee Click here to buy
Objective Chemistry for AIPMT/AIIMS and Other PMT’s 2016 Click here to buy
Complete NEET Guide: Chemistry Click here to buy


Know how to prepare for AIIMS 2019 Biology.

  • BIOLOGY- Ah! The favorite section of the aspiring doctors. Mostly the students who are preparing for medical examination know how to prepare for this section, especially the droppers. But for freshers, we suggest some few tips to score the best marks in the exam.

First and foremost- Make NCERT your Bible. Experts have suggested that the students should be well versed with the NCERT. This is so because, many direct questions are asked from it. Also, practice has to be done, since a lot of facts are there to be remembered.

Books for Biology: We already have told that how important is for the students to be well versed with the standard course book. And since this section requires practice as well, students can take help from the following books which we recommend.

Name of the Book Link to Buy
Trueman’s Elementary Biology – Vol. 1 for Class 11 and NEET (Old Edition) Click here to buy
Trueman’s Elementary Biology – Vol. 2 for Class 12 and NEET (Old Edition) Click here to buy
Complete NEET Guide: Biology(Old Edition) Click here to buy
Objective NCERT at Your Fingertips for NEET-AIIMS – Biology (Old Edition) Click here to buy
Biology for AIPMT (All India Pre-Medical Test): Vol. I: Vol. 1 Click here to buy

GK and Reasoning

Know how to prepare for AIIMS 2019 GK and Reasoning.

  • GENERAL KNOWLEDGE AND APTITUDE REASONING:  Easy breezy people! This section is comparatively easy as compared to the rest of the sections. There are 10 questions of General Knowledge and 10 Questions of Aptitude Reasoning. 1 hour reading of the newspaper and 1 hour of practice for Aptitude will do the job for you.

AIIMS 2019 Preparation Tips

Some bonus tips for preparation of AIIMS 2019 will surely be of great help to you for an effective preparation. They can read these tips and implement them while preparing for it. Check them below-

  1. Be clear of the basic concepts. It is very necessary that you are completely clear of all the concepts in the all the major sections of the AIIMS which come in the exam.
  2. Give a lot of mocks. Doing this surely helps in preparing the one for the extreme scenario in the exam and also give an idea about the weak areas of theirs.
  3. Make small notes. They are easy to carry and hence the student will not be wasting their time and can read at any instant.
  4. Practice a lot of numericals for all the sections. Make sure that you practice questions of all sorts and not just simply focus on easy sets.
  5. Have faith and belief in yourself that you will perform well in the exam and get the college of your choice.

We wish you all the best for your AIIMS 2019 Preparation and hope that you get the college of your choice!!!

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