The medical profession is one of the most respected professions amongst all. A person who decides to become a doctor is taking on the responsibility to save millions of lives with the help of their knowledge about the minor details of the human body. Hence to have this knowledge, it is essential that the student chooses the best college for gaining that knowledge. Many medical exams have been conducted and now that the results are being announced, soon the counselling sessions will start. The one question which the qualified candidates must be having is “How to choose the Medical College to pursue MBBS?“. It is an important question which the candidate must ask to themselves.

Worry not! We bring you some points which will be of great help to you in deciding that “dream” medical college of yours and serve the people for a noble cause. Read further!!

How To Decide Medical College For MBBS?

Being a doctor is no child’s play! A person who is deciding to become a doctor must keep in mind one important thing- they would be in charge of the person’s well being. Hence it is required that the candidate has the sound knowledge of all the important things related to the human. Thus the candidate should choose the college wisely so that they do not regret the decision.

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Take a look at some of the key points which the students might consider while making a choice during the counselling process.

1. Internal Quota for PG

Just like any other course, an MBBS degree won’t be sufficient for you. You will have to do some post graduation courses in your field of specialisation. Having a specialisation degree will be of great advantage to you. Every college reserves some percentage of the PG seats for its students.

The students who have got their ranks and will be appearing for the respective counselling process must check that whether there is any Internal Quota for the students of that college. The benefit for this facility will happen during the time when you decide to appear for the PG Exams where if you are a student of that particular college and you will be given preference as compared to other students, provided you clear all the eligibility requirements.

There are many medical colleges which reserve seats for their students. For example, AIIMS Delhi, JIPMER Puducherry etc which reserves a section of the seats for its students in case they appear for the respective PG Exams.

Can you name 5 medical colleges which have internal PG quota? Comment here!

2. Hospital Infrastructure and Patient Load

A person’s true learning in any field comes from getting a experience in the respective field. Same goes for the aspiring doctors!! What you learn during the complete MBBS course will completely go to waste if you do not have hands-on experience.

This experience will come with the number of patients your college is getting. Some prominent medical colleges get a large number of patients. Although there will be a ton of workload and you might not get the time to even sleep, this will help in a long run. Apart from the patient load, the infrastructure of the hospital plays a key role.

The students should check that the college to which they are applying has all the required equipment which are necessary for the learning process.

3. Hometown and Homestate

The medical profession is a long journey to cover. 5.5 years of MBBS, 3 years of Postgraduate and add to it 3 years of the super speciality courses which you will be doing to enhance your skills. Phew! Indeed a long journey!

Certainly, with this long journey to cover, it would be a wise option to choose the medical college. If you are not getting the medical college in your hometown, considering the college in the home state would still be a better option in comparison to choosing a state which is far away from your hometown. Think wisely!!

4. Language

It is one of the most important factors which the candidates must consider very carefully. MBBS itself is such a vast course to study. Adding upon that, if the teacher is not of your state, they will be speaking some other language which will only add to your woes. Seriously, you would not like that!!

The candidates are always advised to choose a college where the faculty speaks the language which you are able to understand because it is important to learn what is being taught in the initial years.

5. National Ranking

It is also one of the significant factors in deciding that dream medical college of yours. Various agencies, annually release the ranking of various colleges according to their own set of criteria. Although mostly not much reliable, the students can have an idea about the college’s performance with these rankings. Read: Top Medical Colleges in India 2018 as per NIRF Ranking 2018.

6. Bonds

There are many colleges which have their bonds. The bonds may be in terms of compulsory internships, payment in money in case they leave the course midway and many such things. These bonds are mentioned in the prospectus of the respective institutes. The students are advised that they read the bonds from the prospectus and then decide upon the college.

These are some of the factors which we have mentioned. The students can take these points in mind while deciding upon the college. The final decision has to be made by the student only because they will know much better than those advising nosy relatives who guide you unnecessarily!!!! We wish that you get the best medical college and achieve all your dreams.

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  1. Sir/madam, how to choose a medical college during counselling for MBBS-UG course? What is the process? Kindly let me know the process of counselling and selection of medical colleges elaborately. For the candidates securing high scores in the NEET have no problem in getting a good medical college. The problem is for the lower scoring candidates. Therefore, kindly give me some tips to select a medical college for MBBS UG course for UR category with lower scoring. Thank you.

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