One of the toughest decision that a candidate of NEET exam has to make is whether to take a drop for a year or not. Now that the NEET 2018 Results have been declared, many candidates who have appeared this year must be having this question, “Should I take a year drop for NEET 2019?“. Well, it is indeed one tough question for which the aspirants have to answer to themselves. Sometimes, taking a gap goes well for some students who are able to score well and get the college of their choice and sometimes, it doesn’t happen. This topic is for some other day to talk about. The first question is whether to take a drop or not.

Read this page to know some possible reasons why you had to come to this question of taking a year drop and whether it will be fruitful to take a drop for NEET 2019 or not. Keep scrolling.

Taking a year drop for NEET 2019 – Worth it?

You worked day and night for NEET 2018, read all the books, practised the mocks and what not, but still the results not in your favour! Well, that’s what competitive exams are all about. Unpredictability! There are many factors for that- Not up to the mark preparation, stress and anxiety on the exam day and what not!

Now that the results are out, the question haunting the minds of the students must be “Will I crack the exam if I prepare with full dedication?”,” What if I am not able to perform and get the college of my choice”. It definitely carries some risk which the aspirants have to understand

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Let’s have a look at both the sides of the coin to answer this. This might help you to decide what future course of action must be taken for NEET 2019?

Deciding to take a drop?

NEET is conducted for admissions to the medical and dental colleges across India approved by Medical Council of India (MCI) and Dental Council of India (DCI). There may be different reasons as to why you couldn’t have got the marks which you expected. Also, if that was the reason, whether taking a drop will be a good option or not. Let’s try to analyse them:

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Reason 1: This exam is given by the students of class 12 and is conducted after the class 12 Board exams. Hence there is a double pressure on the student: perform well in the board exams and side by side prepare for the most competitive exam- NEET.  Many students, in order to perform well in the Board exam, they are unable to concentrate on the preparation of NEET and hence do not perform well.

Whether to take drop or not: Well if you come in the above scenario, now taking a drop will be a good option considering that you are very much dedicated to getting a good medical college and are very much sure about the success.

Reason 2:  You were determined to study for the  NEET 2018 Exam but didn’t give your best for the preparation and lacked somewhere. Either the concepts were not clear, not enough practice was done for the exam, or you didn’t understand the level of seriousness of the exam and hence not prepared accordingly.

Whether to take drop or not:  This is one tough question to answer. If this was the case with you, deciding whether to take a drop requires a whole lot of thinking. Will you prepare this year with the utmost seriousness which was lacking last year? How will I now clear those concepts which were not cleared before?

If you think you will be able to give your 100% to the exam, then go for it. Take a year drop, rectify all those mistakes which you did last year and start preparing for the exam.

Reason 3:  You started off well in the beginning, preparing with full dedication and motivation day and night. But towards the end of the preparation days, you got distracted towards the social media such as Instagram, Facebook etc, partying and thus performed poorly in the main exam.

Whether to take drop or not: If you come under this category, you really have to first answer few questions,” Do I have that passion in me to become a doctor?”,” Can I keep myself away from social media to make my dream come true?”.

This is so because you have to understand that these parties and all the latest updates from your friends can wait, but this chance to achieve and fulfil your dream of becoming a doctor. Who knows what is in the future? We can not predict that whether you will succeed or not after taking a drop year. But we can give our best shot at our preparation. And to do so, we can definitely mute the notifications, right? What’s your choice?

In the end, one thing that we would like to say is, take the decision wisely. If you are getting a good college this year which is not your dream college, go for it, because no one knows what the future is. Whether you will get the college of your choice or not!

But if you are 100% sure that you will be able to prepare well and fix all the loopholes in your preparation, then go for it. It is your dream to be the “Doctor” and no one can stop you!

NEET 2019

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