NEET 2018 Answer Key is published here for all codes. Check answer key of NEET 2018 published by coaching centres and CBSE. After the exam on May 6, 2018, coaching centres had published answer keys with solutions. Thereafter on May 25, 2018, CBSE released official answer key with OMR sheets and question booklet code of NEET 2018. CBSE calculates marks of all test takers on the basis of it. Candidates may note that they can check NEET Answer Key in online mode only. Get here complete details of NEET 2018 Answer Key such as how to check it, how to challenge it, calculate marks on basis of it, and other information.

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NEET 2018 Result

CBSE has announced the result of NEET 2018 on June 4, 2018 at 12:20 PM. Candidates can check their result now in online mode. Best of luck!
Click Here For NEET 2018 Result

⭐⭐⭐ Mark your calendar for NEET 2018 Result: CBSE will announce NEET 2018 Result on June 5, 2018. For all details on it, visit NEET 2018 Result to know date, time, cut offs and other information. ⭐⭐⭐

NEET 2018 Answer Key

According to the coaching centres, some of the questions may be wrong in NEET 2018 question papers. However, only CBSE can clarify which questions are actually wrong and for which ones, students will get bonus marks. All important dates pertaining to issuance of NEET 2018 Answer Key and events around it are as follows:

NEET 2018 Answer Key Important Dates
Conduct of exam 06 May 2018
Availability of institutional answer keys 06 May 2018
Availability of official answer keys 25 May 2018
Along with release of NEET 2018 answer key, CBSE is publishing OMR sheet 25 May 2018
Candidates can submit challenges against OMR sheet by 27 May 2018 (5 PM)
Candidates can submit challenges against NEET 2018 Answer Key by 27 May 2018 (5 PM)
NEET 2018 Result declaration 05 Jun 2018

Candidates can check all answer keys here from this page. One should ensure that he/she is checking answer key of that code only of which he/she has question paper. If you match answers with any other answer key, you will not get accurate results.

NEET 2018 Answer Key – Check Here

Here we have provided you code wise NEET 2018 Answer Key. You can scroll down and click on link of NEET 2018 Answer Key of that code of which you have question paper. If you don’t have question paper, then also do not worry, you can download all question papers of NEET 2018 here.

NEET 2018 Code NEET 2018 Answer Key
AA Click here for NEET 2018 Answer Key of Code AA
BB Click here for NEET 2018 Answer Key of Code BB
CC Click here for NEET 2018 Answer Key of Code CC
DD Click here for NEET 2018 Answer Key of Code DD
EE Click here for NEET 2018 Answer Key of Code EE
FF Click here for NEET 2018 Answer Key of Code FF
GG Click here for NEET 2018 Answer Key of Code GG
HH Click here for NEET 2018 Answer Key of Code HH
KK Click here for NEET 2018 Answer Key of Code KK
LL Click here for NEET 2018 Answer Key of Code LL
MM Click here for NEET 2018 Answer Key of Code MM
NN Click here for NEET 2018 Answer Key of Code NN
PP Click here for NEET 2018 Answer Key of Code PP
QQ Click here for NEET 2018 Answer Key of Code QQ
RR Click here for NEET 2018 Answer Key of Code RR
SS Click here for NEET 2018 Answer Key of Code SS
WW Click here for NEET 2018 Answer Key of Code WW
XX Click here for NEET 2018 Answer Key of Code XX
YY Click here for NEET 2018 Answer Key of Code YY
ZZ Click here for NEET 2018 Answer Key of Code ZZ

If there were only four or five sets, then we would have made a table with question number and answers in that table only. Since there are twenty codes, so if we try to provide all answers in single table then it will be very confusing for you to read that. So please click on code wise page and get your relevant answer key. However, if you want to get answer keys in a more simpler way, you can check out the PDF given below.

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NEET 2018 Answer Key PDF

We have compiled all the answer keys in one file and made a PDF out of it. You can view it here or download the PDF file and view it anytime you want to refer to it. It contains answer keys of all codes of question papers of NEET 2018 including AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF, GG, HH, KK, LL, MM, NN, PP, QQ, RR, SS, WW, XX, YY, ZZ.

Click here to download NEET 2018 Answer Key PDF.

NEET 2018 Answer Key by CBSE

Every year CBSE publishes the official answer key of NEET exam (it was previously held as AIPMT) after the exam. There is a gap of some days or weeks between conduct of exam and issuance of official answer keys. However once the key is issued, it remains accessible for a few days at least. Candidates can download it and check it anytime they want. However if they want to challenge it, they should do it in the provided window only. Candidates may find some difference between unofficial answer keys and official ones. Here they should keep in mind that only official answer key published by CBSE is considered valid.

  • Click here to check NEET 2018 Official Answer Key by CBSE.

How to challenge NEET 2018 Answer Key?

NEET 2018 Answer Key

If any candidate finds any errors in the answer key of NEET 2018, then he/she can challenge it in online mode. No document or anything else has to be sent in offline mode by post. Please note that a fee of Rs 1000 per question challenged is applicable. So if you challenge 1 question, you have to pay Rs 1000, if you challenge 2 questions then you pay Rs 2000, and so on. Steps to challenge NEET 2018 Answer Key are as follows:

  1. Visit
  2. Here you will see link to challenge NEET answer key, if you are visiting the page in that time window where NEET 2018 Answer Key challenge is open. Click that link.
  3. Now you will have to enter registration number and password.
  4. Click login.
  5. Select set, question, reason for challenge.
  6. Pay fee as per number of questions you are challenging.
  7. Submit this form with fee online.

So in these seven steps, you will be able to challenge answer key of NEET 2018. You will not get any intimation about changes in answers, as far as information is available right now. However there are chances that CBSE may publish final answer keys. Even if final answer keys are not published, do not worry because board will surely update answers and use that to calculate marks. If there are any wrong questions, everyone will get bonus marks for it.

NEET 2018 OMR Display

Usually CBSE publishes the scanned OMR sheets before displaying answer keys. Candidates will get around 2 days to look at the OMR sheets and challenge it. There will be no extension to this time window, so please check this page regularly to get updates on NEET 2018 OMR display. The purpose of publishing scanned responses is to make the process of examination more transparent and candidate friendly. By checking response sheets, candidates can know exactly which responses have been marked and which have been recorded. If they find there is any difference, then they can challenge it also. Process of challenging OMR sheet is same as challenging NEET 2018 Answer Key.

Check NEET 2018 Answer Key at CSC

NEET 2018 Answer Key

CSC or Common Services Centres are facilitation centres set up by the IT Ministry (govt of India) under Digital India initiative. There are more than 2.4 lakh CSC in India. Candidates who do not have access to internet or find it difficult to download answer key, can visit any CSC and check it. A nominal fee is charged at these centres to check and submit claim. Charges are as follows:

S.No. Services Fee in Rs
1 Downloading of OMR / Answer Key 10
2 Online claim for responses / key 25

Taxes, as per norms, will be applicable.

Significance of NEET 2018 Answer Key

For NEET aspirants, answer keys are very important. Key points on usefulness of NEET 2018 Answer Key are as follows:

  • You will know all correct answers.
  • It makes exam process fair and transparent.
  • You can calculate marks.
  • You can also predict rank after you have calculated marks.
  • Those who are preparing for NEET 2019 can use NEET 2018 Question Paper and Answer Keys to practice.

Exam pattern of NEET 2018 was as follows. You can use this exam pattern and marking scheme to calculate your marks, or simply use the marks calculator given further below.

Name of exam National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET UG) – 2018
Conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
Total number of questions 180 (physics: 45, chemistry: 45, biology: 90)
Marks for correct answer 4
Negative marking for incorrect answer -1
Maximum marks 720

After you have calculated your score, you can use the NEET 2018 Rank Predictor to predict your rank.

NEET Answer Key Archives

For candidates who are preparing for NEET 2019 or NEET 2020, it is very useful to practice several past year papers. So if you are preparing, or looking for past year NEET answer keys for some reason, then here they are!

NEET 2017 Answer Key

Set/ Code Name Question Paper Answer Key
A Click Here Click Here
B Click Here Click Here
C Click Here Click Here
D Click Here Click Here
P Click Here Click Here
Q Click Here Click Here
R Click Here Click Here
S Click Here Click Here
W Click Here Click Here
X Click Here Click Here
Y Click Here Click Here
Z Click Here Click Here

NEET 2016 Answer Key

Question Paper  Answer Key
Set A/P/W  Click Here
Set B/Q/X  Click Here
Set C/R/Y  Click Here
Set D/S/Z  Click Here

NEET 2016 (II) Answer Key

 Question Paper  Answer Key
Set AA  Click Here
Set BB  Click Here
Set CC  Click Here
Set DD  Click Here

If you have any queries regarding NEET 2018 Answer Key, please ask in comments below.

CBSE NEET UG 2018 Details

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