AIIMS 2018 MBBS Entrance Exam is a challenge for thousands of medical aspirants. Here is the AIIMS trend analysis for 2018 so you know well beforehand what to expect in the exam. This is a recap, analysis, review of AIIMS 2017 and 2016 to predict what could happen in AIIMS 2018. Being an online computer based test, past year papers of AIIMS are also not very easily available; thus trend analysis is important to help you familiarize with the exam. Read it well, and be prepared. Best of luck for your AIIMS 2018.

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AIIMS Trend Analysis for 2018

AIIMS 2018 is an important exam for the medical aspirants. The entrance exam opens the gate to the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). Past year analysis of this paper shows that this has been the exam which demands a lot of dedication from the students. Check this page to know about past year trends.

Predictions for AIIMS 2018

  • First of all, there are high chances that Physics will be a tough section. So really study it well in the last few days.
  • Biology will be a make it or break it section for you. You should try to maximise your score in Biology.
  • General Knowledge could be easy if you read newspaper daily.
  • Chemistry is usually moderately tough; so don’t sweat over it, but don’t take it too leniently too. You can easily score in it.

AIIMS 2017 Analysis

AIIMS 2017 was conducted on May 28, 2017, in morning and evening shifts. There were in total 5 sections which students had to answer the questions of. The sections were

  1. Physics
  2. Chemistry
  3. Biology
  4. General Knowledge
  5. Logical Reasoning
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The questions were of 2 types- MCQ based and Analytical Reasoning (AR) based.

According to the students and coaching institutes, AIIMS 2017 was much tougher than AIIMS 2016. The students, in both shifts, termed the paper as difficult, with Physics being the toughest. Majority of the students’ time was eaten up by the questions from Electrostatic and Magnetism sections. Most of them reported this section as completely different from what they had practised from the sample papers.

Biology was the lucky charm for most of them as the questions in Biology were direct from NCERT. They were able to attempt an average of 25-30 questions from this section.

Chemistry had been termed as moderate to difficult with an average of 20-25 questions being easily attempted by the students. GK and the logical reasoning section was moderate with students being able to attempt 6-7 questions from it.

Overall comparing, the AIIMS 2017 was on much tougher side for the students than the previous year AIIMS Papers.

AIIMS 2016 Paper Analysis

The AIIMS exam for the year 2016 was conducted on May 29, 2016. The paper, although easy as compared to other papers, still had some sections which contained some difficult questions. Calculations in these questions took most of the time.

Talking about General Knowledge section, it had been the relief for the students, as the questions were easy. Anyone who had a habit of reading newspapers could have easily attempted 7-8 questions in GK. Logical was also easy and students were able to attempt average of 5-6 questions in it.

Physics, continuing its difficulty streak, was tough for many students. The students were left puzzled at the AR questions with the long calculation being the complaint for many of the students.

Biology had most of the questions from the NCERT only, as students and the major coaching institutes reported. Those who were clear and thorough with the concepts of NCERT Biology books could have easily attempted 26-30 questions.

Chemistry was of moderate difficulty. In inorganic, the type of questions asked was totally different from what other types of questions are asked in the exam. Overall, AIIMS 2016 was termed as moderate to difficult.

Overall Analysis

Analysing the past year trends, it can be clearly seen that the AIIMS is the paper which always keeps the students on their toes, during the preparation. The students who want to appear for AIIMS 2018 exam must keep in mind that this paper is not going to be easy at all.

The questions might be conceptual in nature, be it any of the 3 major sections. Candidates, thus are required that they are clear about the various concepts and are able to apply those concepts in the questions. GK and Logical Reasoning will not be much of a headache. Regula 1 hour of practice for logical and regular newspaper reading will do the job for them.

We wish all the best to all the aspirants of AIIMS 2018 that they score well in the exam and get the college of their choice. Comment below if you have any doubts regarding any of the sections in the paper.


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