Chapterwise Weightage for AIIMS PG 2019/2020 – As you prepare for AIIMS PG 2019/2020, knowing chapterwise weightage plays an important role. It helps you prioritize order of studying chapters, and deciding time you should devote to each chapter for revision. This information should go hand in hand with AIIMS PG 2019 Syllabus, rather than be taken individually. In other words, as an aspirant, you should prepare all subjects taught at MBBS level in order to score well in AIIMS PG 2019/2020, however for revision you can refer to this Chapterwise Weightage for AIIMS PG 2019/2020 to prioritize your revision.

Chapterwise Weightage for AIIMS PG 2019/2020

Before you read on, you should know that AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) does not specify any AIIMS PG Entrance Subject Wise Weightage. However, subject experts have studied past year AIIMS PG papers and concluded that more questions come from some chapters, thereby making them more important for aspirant.

This study of past year papers reveals Chapterwise Weightage for AIIMS PG 2019/2020 which is presented here for all of you.

Chapterwise Weightage for AIIMS PG 2019/2020

If you are appearing for AIIMS PG (MD/MS) entrance exam, this is important for you.

Subject Number of Questions Weightage
Anatomy  10 5%
Physiology  10 5%
Biochemistry  10 5%
Pathology  17 8.5%
Microbiology  14 7%
Pharmacology  14 7%
Forensic Medicine  6 3%
Ophthalmology  6 3%
SPM  16 8%
Medicine, Dermatology, & Venerelogy  26 13%
Surgery, Ent, Orthopedics & Anesthesia  30 15%
Radiodiagnosis & Radiotherapy  9 4.5%
Obstetrics & Gynaecology  16 8%
Pediatrics  10 5%
Psychiatry  6 3%
Total  200

As can be seen, following are most important:

  • Surgery, Ent, Orthopedics & Anesthesia
  • Medicine, Dermatology, & Venerology
  • Pathology
  • Microbiology
  • Pharmacology

However, it is critical to let you know here that you should not leave out any subject. Completing all subjects taught at MBBS level is crucial. AIIMS can chose to ask you any number of questions from any topic. So make them all your strengths!

What is the correct strategy to prepare for AIIMS PG?

Being regular with your studies is important. It is advisable to start preparations early because if you leave everything for internship period then you will not be able to do well in internship. Also if you get more work load in internship then you will be troubled by lack of preparation.

Two years of rigorous preparation is enough to fetch you a good rank in AIIMS PG 2019/2020.

Is it wise to depend on MCQ repeat based approach?

If you have time, then it is best to study theory completely then practice MCQs. However if time is lacking, then you can go through MCQs of that topic first, see what questions are asked most, and then study theory. However, I repeat, do that only if you lack time. Else do complete theory.

As you study, remember that quality of studies is more important that quantity. So all hours that you put in for preparation, stay away from distractions.

Important books for AIIMS PG 2019

  • Anatomy – BD Chaurasia, Thieme’s atlas, Langman, Barrs Neuroanatomy, ACROSS
  • Physiology – Ganong, DAMS Notes
  • Biochemistry – Lipincott & Harper, DAMS Notes
  • Pathology – Robbins, Gobind Rai Garg
  • Microbiology – Baveja, Ananthanarayan, Rachna Chaurasia
  • Pharmacology – KD Tripathi, Katzung, Gobind Rai Garg, DAMS Notes
  • Forensic Medicine – Sumit Seth, Reddy
  • ENT – Dhingra, DAMS Notes
  • Ophthalmology –Khurana, Ruchi Rai
  • SPM – Park, Vivek Jain
  • Medicine – Harrison, DAMS Notes
  • Surgery – Bailey and Love, some topics from Schwartz, DAMS Notes
  • Orthopaedics – Maheshwari, Dr Apurv Mehta
  • Paediatrics – Ghai, DAMS Notes
  • OBG – JB Sharma (Obs), Shaw (Gynae), Sakshi Arora
  • Anaesthesia – Ajay Yadav, DAMS Notes
  • Radiology – Sumer Sethi
  • Dermatology – Neena Khanna, DAMS Notes
  • Psychiatry – Niraj Ahuja, DAMS Notes

For all subjects, always use updated notes at time of preparation.

Make any one notes as your base and as you come across different things, add them to those notes. It helps you revise easily in final days before exam and also develop a strong grasp of concepts as you keep writing and learning.

Chapterwise Weightage for AIIMS PG 2019/2020


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