AIIMS 2020 Calendar is officially announced. The dates of AIIMS 2020 entrance exams have been published in the year 2018 only. This gives aspirants an ample amount of time to sit down and prepare for the courses they wish to take admission in. To get admission in All India Institute of Medical Sciences, one has to clear an entrance exam, be it for any course. The dates of all entrance exams which will be held in the year 2020, even those which lead to admission in the year 2021 are given here.

However, if you want to appear in an exam which leads to admission 2020 but its exam is in the year 2019, then you need to see AIIMS 2019 calendar.

AIIMS 2020 Calendar

Students who aspire to sit for the examinations which are conducted by AIIMS must keep track of all the events and its related dates. If they miss out any of the event because of the confusion of dates, they shall not be eligible to appear for the examination. Have a look at this page to know all the tentative dates as per the AIIMS 2020 Calendar.

AIIMS 2020 Important Dates

Check out these important dates for various examinations conducted by AIIMS. These are the tentative dates for various examinations. Aspirants who wish to sit for these examinations are advised to keep visiting this page as well as the official website of AIIMS to know all the latest updates about the important dates.

Name of the Examination Event Important Dates
DM/M.Ch (3 yrs.)/ MD (Hospital Administration) July, 2020 Session Entrance Examination (Stage I) 04 Apr 2020
Result Notification 09 Apr 2020
Departmental Assessment(Stage II) 21 Apr- 23 Apr 2020
Final Result Notification 27 Apr 2020
Fellowship Programme July,2020 Session Entrance Examination (Stage I) 11 Apr 2020
Result Notification 17 Apr 2020
Departmental Assessment  (Stage II) 27 Apr- 28 Apr 2020
Final Result Notification 01 May 2020
AIIMS-PG (MD/MS/M.Ch (6 years) /DM(6 years)/MDS) July, 2020 Session Entrance Examination 03 May 2020
Result Notification 08 May 2020
M.B.B.S. 2020 Entrance Examination 30 May- 31 May 2020
Result  Notification 16 June 2020
B.Sc. Nursing (Post – Basic) – 2020 Entrance Examination (Stage I) 06 Jun 2020
Result  Notification 13 Jun 2020
Personnel Assessment (Stage II) 23 Jun 2020
Result Notification 29 Jun 2020
M.Sc. Nursing 2020 Entrance Examination 06 Jun 2020
Result  Notification 15 Jun 2020
SR/SD Exam July, 2020 Session Recruitment Examination (Stage I) 12 Jun 2020
Result Notification (Stage I) 19 Jun 2020
B.Sc.( Hons.) Para-Medical Courses 2020 Entrance Examination 20 Jun 2020
Result  Notification 01 July 2020
B.Sc. (Hons.) Nursing 2020 Entrance Examination 28 Jun 2020
Result Notification 07 Jul 2020
M. Biotechnology 2020 Entrance Examination 04 Jul 2020
Result Notification 11 Jul 2020
M.Sc. courses 2020 Entrance Examination 04 Jul 2020
Result Notification 13 Jul 2020
Ph.D. Programme July, 2020 Session Entrance Examination (Stage I) 10 Jul 2020
Result Notification 16 Jul 2020
Departmental Assessment  (Stage II) 24 Jul 2020
Final Result Notification 28 Jul 2020
Recruitment Examination for Nursing Officer Entrance Examination 20 Sep 2020
Result  Notification 29 Sep 2020
DM/M.Ch (3 yrs.)/ MD(Hospital Administration) January, 2021 Session Entrance Examination (Stage I) 01 Nov 2020
Result Notification 09 Nov 2020
Departmental Assessment  (Stage II) 23 Nov- 25 Nov 2020
Final Result Notification 28 Nov 2020
AIIMS-PG (MD/MS/M.Ch (6 years) /DM(6 years)/MDS) January, 2021 Session Entrance Examination 08 Nov 2020
Result  Notification 17 Nov 2020
Fellowship Programme January, 2021 Session. Entrance Examination (Stage I) 20 Nov 2020
Result  Notification 26 Nov 2020
Departmental Assessment (Stage II) 03 Dec- 04 Dec 2020
Final Result Notification 08 Dec 2020
SR/SD Exam January 2021 Session Recruitment Examination (Stage I) 06 Dec 2020
Result  Notification 11 Dec 2020
Ph.D. Programme January, 2021 Session Entrance Examination (Stage I) 02 Jan 2021
Result  Notification 08 Jan 2021
Departmental Assessment (Stage II) 20 Jan 2021
Final Result Notification 28 Jan 2021

Importance of AIIMS 2020 Calendar

Having the AIIMS 2020 Calendar with them is an advantage to the students who are looking forward to sit for the respective entrance examination. With the calendar in hand, aspirants will know on what date a particular event is happening and what is the deadline for that particular event. Hence they will be able to complete all the things as per the official schedule and hence be eligible to sit for the exam.

AIIMS is All India Institute of Medical Sciences. It is an autonomous institute which conducts its own entrance examination for admissions to the various undergraduate, postgraduate courses in the medical field. Also, various recruitment exams are conducted as well for various posts. Many candidates wish to pursue their studies or work in this most prestigious institute. For this, they will have to sit for the eligible entrance examination. Before appearing for the exam, they have to complete some procedures which are necessary so that they are eligible. These are related to official notice release, application form filling etc. For this, they should know the dates of all the events related to each of the exam.

Aspirants of AIIMS 2020 can have a look at AIIMS 2020 Calendar to have a look at the tentative dates which are available on this page for them. These dates shall be updated as and when official information are released.

Medical Entrance Exams 2020

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