AIIMS 2019 Calendar– All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) conducts the examination for various courses in the medical field. Through this page, aspirants can check the AIIMS 2019 Calendar. It consists of tentative key dates of Entrance Examination for all the courses. Also, it is one of the prestigious entrance examinations conducts to offer admission in Medical fields. Furthermore, AIIMS conducts the entrance examination for Undergraduate (UG), Postgraduate (PG) and Doctoral (Ph.D.) level courses.

Note: AIIMS 2019 Calendar contains list of AIIMS exams which are scheduled in the year 2019, even if their admission is in the year 2020. In addition, there are other exams which are being held in the year 2018 even though their admissions are in 2019 session. For that list, please visit AIIMS 2018 calendar.

AIIMS 2019 Calendar

Students must know about the key dates of the AIIMS 2019 important events. So that they will be able to prepare well for the examination. We are providing a list of all medical entrance exams under AIIMS for 2019 session. As a result, students can check the same from the table below.

AIIMS 2019 Important Events Dates
DM/M.Ch (3 yrs.)/ MD (Hospital Administration) July 2019 Session
Entrance Examination (Stage I) 06 Apr 2019
Result Notification (Stage I) 12 Apr 2019
Departmental Assessment  (Stage II) 24, 25, 26 Apr 2019
Final Result Notification 29 Apr 2019
Fellowship Programme July 2019 Session
Entrance Examination (Stage I) 13 Apr 2019
Result Notification (Stage I) 20 Apr 2019
Departmental Assessment  (Stage II) 29 & 30 Apr 2019
Final Result Notification 01 May 2019
AIIMS-PG (MD/MS/M.Ch (6 years) /DM(6 years)/MDS) July 2019 Session
Entrance Examination 05 May 2019
Result Notification 10 May 2019
MBBS 2019
Entrance Examination 25 & 26 May 2019
Result Notification 12 Jun 2019
B.Sc. Nursing (Post – Basic)
Entrance Examination (Stage I) 01 Jun 2019
Result Notification 07 Jun 2019
Personnel Assessment (Stage II) 26 Jun 2019
Result Notification 28 Jun 2019
M.Sc. Nursing 2019  
Entrance Examination 01 Jun 2019
Result Notification 10 Jun 2019
SR/SD Exam July 2019 
Recruitment Examination (Stage I) 09 Jun 2019
Result Notification (Stage I) 14 Jun 2019
B.Sc.( Hons.) Para-Medical Courses
Entrance Examination 15 Jun 2019
Result Notification 24 Jun 2019
B.Sc. (Hons.) Nursing
Entrance Examination 23 Jun 2019
Result Notification 03 Jul 2019
M. Biotechnology 2019
Entrance Examination 29 Jun 2019
Result Notification 05 Jul 2019
M.Sc. courses 2019
Entrance Examination 29 Jun 2019
Result Notification 08 Jul 2019
Ph.D. Programme July 2019
Entrance Examination (Stage I) 06 Jul 2019
Result Notification (Stage I) 11 Jul 2019
Departmental Assessment (Stage II) 22 Jul 2019
Final Result Notification 26 Jul 2019
Recruitment Examination for Nursing Officer
Entrance Examination 15 Sept 2019
Result Notification 24 Sept 2019
DM/M.Ch (3 yrs.)/ MD(Hospital Administration) for January 2020
Entrance Examination (Stage I) 03 Nov 2019
Result Notification (Stage I) 07 Nov 2019
Departmental Assessment (Stage II) 18, 19, 20 Nov 2019
Final Result Notification 26 Nov 2019
Fellowship Programme January 2020 Session
Entrance Examination (Stage I) 09 Nov 2019
Result Notification (Stage I) 15 Nov 2019
Departmental Assessment (Stage II) 22 & 23 Nov 2019
Final Result Notification 27 Nov 2019
AIIMS-PG (MD/MS/M.Ch (6 years) /DM(6 years)/MDS) 
Entrance Examination 17 Nov 2019
Result Notification 22 Nov 2019
SR/SD Exam January 2020 Session
Recruitment Examination (Stage I) 24 Nov 2019
Result Notification 29 Nov 2019

AIIMS Entrance Exams and Admissions 2019

All India Institute of Medical Sciences is among the top medical colleges in India. No wonder everyone wants to get admission in it. This makes the competition to get a seat in AIIMS even tougher.

To select suitable students to study undergraduate, postgraduate, doctorate programs in AIIMS, the institute conducts entrance exams. The exams are followed by counselling and admission process. For the purpose of AIIMS Entrance Exams and Admissions 2019, complete details are announced from time to time as per the schedule.

From this page, candidates can know all the important dates of exams. However if there are any changes to dates, they are notified at

We wish all the students best of luck for their AIIMS 2019 Entrance Exams and Admissions.

Medical Entrance Exams 2019

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