AIIMS is releasing application form for MBBS entrance exam and admission on February 5, 2018. Things you need to know about photograph, signature, thumb impression are explained here. An official guide on size, how to scan, resize images for AIIMS 2018 Application Form was released on February 3, 2018. Read it well before applying.

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As soon as you believe you are ready to apply, go to AIMS 2018 application form.

This is how to fill and submit AIIMS 2018 Application Form

Mode of fee payment

Credit card, debit card, net banking. You can opt for any one.

Choice of exam centre

You will select city for exam after submitting fee. Centres will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis. However, you can see which cities are available even before paying fee. As soon as you select a city it gets allotted to you.

To know about AIIMS 2019, check AIIMS 2019.

States, where AIIMS is conducting computer-based test, will appear when you click on drop-down. Then when you select state, cities, where an exam is being conducted, appear. Then you can select city.

You cannot change city once selected.

Uploading of photograph, signature, thumb impression

You will need these things before you begin.

  • White sheet of paper. If you do not have any, buy a ream.
  • A thick tip black or blue pen, preferably fountain pen. Nowadays very few people have fountain pens at home. So you can buy one here.
  • Ink pad. You can buy a blue ink pad or a black ink pad.


You can prepare photograph in any one of the two ways.

(A) Click photo using a digital device.

  • You need to stand or sit against a white background.
  • Click colour photograph in bright light using a digital device (preferably with more than 5 MP resolution). Do not use flash as it creates shadow in background.
  • Look straight into camera.
  • Make sure that both eyes and both ears appear in photo.

Now you will edit digital photograph.

  • Transfer digital photo in computer or laptop.
  • Now crop the photo in such a way that your head, shoulders are visible and occupy most of the image.
  • Resize the image to 50-100 kb.
  • While maintaining aspect ratio (do not elongate or compress pic to distort dimensions), make image in 3.5 cms by 4.5 cms.

AIIMS Photo Details 2018

(B) Scan already available good quality print of photograph.

If you already have a passport size colour photograph then you can follow this procedure.

But first, before you scan photo, ensure these things

  • Photo should be against white background without border, clearly showing faces, eyes, ears.
  • It is standard 3.5 cm x 4.5 cms.
  • It is recent, within last 6 months.

Now you can scan photograph.

  • Draw a box of 3.5 cms width and 4.5 cms height on a white sheet, using pencil.
  • Paste your photo within this box.
  • Put paper with photo in scanner and scan only box with photograph (do not scan whole sheet). Set scanning setting to 200 dpi. When you are scanning, most scanning softwares allow you to select area for final scanning after initial preview and scan.
  • Save scanned image as jpg / jpeg / gif / png as “Photograph.jpg” or “Photograph.jpeg” or “Photograph.png” or “Photograph.gif”.
  • Resize scanned image to 50-100 kb.

AIIMS Photo Details 2018

Checklist for photograph

  • It is coloured photograph.
  • It is in white background.
  • Size is between 50 to 100 kb.
  • Format is jpeg / jpg / gif / png.
  • Image is clear.

Common reasons for rejection of photograph

  • Background is not white.
  • Image is blurry.
  • Whole sheet was scanned.
  • Photograph was taken casually with dark glasses or full length or group or side profile.


First of all you will draw a box of size 3 cms by 6 cms on a plain white sheet of paper, with pencil. Now you will take a thick tip black or blue pen (preferably fountain pen). Then you will sign within the box.

Make a full signature.

Do not make signature that is

  • Containing only initials
  • Only in capital letters
  • With overwriting.

Now you can make digital image of your signature in two ways.

(A) Use a digital device to directly make image.

  • Use a digital camera preferably of resolution more than 5 MP. Click image of signature within box in bright light. Do not use flash.
  • Make sure that shadow of hands or anything else does not fall on signature.
  • Transfer digital image to computer or laptop.
  • You can use auto correct feature to make sure that signature is clear against bakcground.
  • Crop image so that box borders are reached.
  • Now resize image to 20 to 100 KB maintaining aspect ratio.

AIIMS Photo Details 2018

(B) Scan signature.

  • Insert sheet containing signature in scanner and set scanner’s dpi to 200.
  • Scan signature within box, not whole sheet.
  • Save image as jpeg / jpg / gif / png.
  • Resize image to 20 to 100 kb.

AIIMS Photo Details 2018

Checklist for signature

  • It is clear without overwriting.
  • It is against white background.
  • Size should be between 20 to 100 kb.
  • Format is jpg / jpeg / png / gif.
  • It is not blurred.

Common reasons for rejection of signature

  • Background is not white.
  • Image is blurred and signature lines are not clear.
  • Whole sheet was scanned.


Now we come to uploading of thumb impression. This is also quite easy to do. Just make sure that you are taking impression of your left hand’s thumb impression. Many students get confused and do it for other thumb.

So first of all, you will draw a box of size 4 cm by 3 cm on a plain white sheet of paper. Here 4 cm is width and 3 cm is height.

We suggest that you make many boxes so that you can take many impressions and see which on to select.

Now get a fresh blue or black colour ink pad.

Press your thumb on the ink pad. Now on a white sheet of paper, first practise how to make thumb impression. Thumb impression should be clear – neither dark nor smudged or too light.

Make sure your hand is clean before you begin.

Once you are sure you can do it properly now place gently your left thumb on ink pad and take a horzontal print within the box. Do not press too much or wriggle as it may smudge the print.

Take many impressions in boxes. Select the one that has best outlines.

AIIMS Photo Details 2018

Now you will scan and save the image.

(A) Using Camera

  • Click image in bright light conditions with camera with more than 5 MP resolution. Avoid flash.
  • Make sure that shadow of hands / camera / ssmartphone do not fall on sheet.
  • Click image and make sure it is clear.
  • Transfer digital image to computer or laptop.
  • Use auto correct feature, if you want, to make sure that image is clear against background.
  • Crop image to reach box borders.
  • Resize image to 20 kb to 100 kb.

AIIMS Photo Details 2018

(B) Using scanner

  • Insert sheet containing thumb impression in scanner. Set scanner to 200 dpi.
  • Scan only that thumb impression within box which you found most appropriate.
  • Resize image to 20 kb to 100 kb.

AIIMS Photo Details 2018

Checklist for thumb impression

  • It is clear.
  • Also it is against white background.
  • Also image is 20 to 100 kb.
  • Format is jpeg / jpg / png / gif.

Common reasons for rejection of thumb impression

  • Background is not white.
  • Image is blurred or lines are not clear.
  • Whole sheet was scanned.

This is how to upload images

You will upload all images in step 5 of application form filling. For each image to be uploaded, you will first click on “choose file”. Then you will select already prepared image in computer or laptop.

After that you will inspect images.

Then tick the check boxes for each component mentioned.

Press accept to complete process.

AIIMS Photo Details 2018

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  1. Sir, I have some query , I complete 1step of registration but after completion I realise that I register wrong date of birth. So , tell me sir , Can I change my date of birth ?

  2. Sir,I have completed 1st step & received ID No. & Password, also paid fees Rs.1200/- (for S.C.), photo & signature also upload but Left hand Thumb image was not available at the time of filling online form,next day manage Thumb Image & going to upload same Image but can’t be done it,it is block,so please give me guidance, 1) how i upload Thumb Image ? 2) whether any Double fees presure will arrive?

  3. Please any one give me information regarding photo that in photo it is compulsory to write name of candidate & date of photo….in AIIMS examination….

  4. I choose Mumbai as a examination center but reservation of train not available. So I want to cancel my applicatipn form. Can I do this and what is its ptpcedutre? Please tell me sir.

  5. Respected sir

    I applied aiims mbbs 2018 application form for shop.
    My form all details are right but by mistake uploaded any other person photo, signature and thumb impression.

    Sir my form successfully submitted but I want to change my original photo, signature and thumb impression before correction date otherwise my form will be rejected.

    Candidate ID: 5181032316
    Registered No: 2015348
    Registration date : 05.02.2018
    Name : Kartik Pratap Singh
    Father Name : Dinesh Singh
    Mother Name : Suman Kanwar
    Mobile No. 9982313382 and 7222800698
    Mail id [email protected]
    [email protected]
    Sir please give me a chance to change my error otherwise rejected my form.
    I already sent a message to change my error [email protected] but no answer. so please helps. I sent you my original photo signature and thumb impression.

    thank you

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