AIIMS 2018 Dress Code – On the day of AIIMS 2018 MBBS Entrance Exam, candidates should focus most on their exam performance. A minor yet significant detail that needs to be understood alongwith it is the AIIMS 2018 Dress Code. Those who have appeared in NEET 2018 are already aware that dress codes exist for entrance exams to eliminate cases of cheating. As per

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AIIMS Dress Code 2018, there are some restrictions on what one should not wear. It is important to know dress code for AIIMS 2018 beforehand so that there are no issues on exam day. So here is the complete AIIMS Dress Code 2018 for all test takers.

AIIMS 2018 Dress Code

AIIMS 2018 is a national level medical entrance exam held for admission to AIIMS New Delhi and 8 other AIIMS. The exam is on 26 and 27 May 2018 in two shifts on each day. For both days and all four shifts, AIIMS dress code 2018 shall be same.

Restricted items

As per AIIMS 2018 Dress Code, you cannot wear following things:

  • Any kind of ornament
  • Necklace
  • Bangles
  • Rings
  • Wrist bands
  • Goggles
  • Headgears
  • Scarfs
  • Jackets
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Although not exactly a part of AIIMS Dress Code 2018, the rules and regulations also specify that candidates should not have any sort of electronic items on their person. This includes any type of mobile, pager, calculator.

There should also not be any device that can transmit data such as pen drive, Bluetooth.

As a part of AIIMS 2018 Dress Code, candidates cannot wear watches or carry a clock.

Candidates should not have pen, pencil, paper, bag, bottle with them too. When it comes to paper, you can only take AIIMS 2018 Admit Card, photograph, and original ID proof.

Please read AIIMS 2018 Admit Card for complete AIIMS 2018 Dress Code.

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How Is AIIMS Dress Code 2018 Implemented?

To ensure that dress code is followed, there will be proper checking and frisking at AIIMS 2018 exam centre. Candidates should not have any such thing with them which may be incriminating in nature (make authorities suspicious that you are trying to cheat in exam).

Please reach exam centre on time so that AIIMS Dress Code 2018, frisking, biometric capture, electronic surveillance can be completed on time. Any delay on your part will lead to issues; those who arrive late will also not get entry to exam hall. So please reach on time. Check AIIMS 2018 Admit Card for reporting time, exam date, exam time.

Mandatory Things To Bring To Exam Centre

  • AIIMS 2018 Admit Card
  • Photograph
  • Photo ID Proof

What Are The Clothes That Students Should Wear As Per AIIMS 2018 Dress Code?

After the extremely strict dress code checking in NEET 2018, all AIIMS 2018 aspirants are asking for exactly what clothes to wear for AIIMS MBBS entrance exam. Candidates are informed that AIIMS has insofar not specified any particular set of clothes to wear for exam. If you want to follow the same dress code as you did in NEET, then you may do so.

In NEET 2018 Dress Code, candidates were asked to wear light clothes with half sleeves. Such clothes are easy to frisk. Also, invigilators can easily ensure that no one is hiding anything in them. So keep in mind AIIMS 2018 Dress Code as well as key points of those for NEET.

When it comes to pants and lowers, in NEET, students had to wear trousers and salwars. No such restriction is there in AIIMS 2018 dress code, however, you can use the same dresses prescribed by CBSE as it is easy to check pockets and creases in these dresses.

AIIMS 2018 Dress Code Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. Can I wear earring/ nose pin for AIIMS 2018?

Ans. As per AIIMS Dress Code 2018, any sort of jewellery is not allowed. So avoid wearing earring or nose pin.

Ques. According to AIIMS Dress Code 2018, is there any restriction on what clothes to wear?

Ans. As far as AIIMS 2018 information brochure says, there is no such restriction. However, check AIIMS 2018 admit card for more rules. Wear such clothes in which authorities can easily do frisking.

Ques. Can we take pen and pencil to exam centre or it is not allowed as per AIIMS Dress Code 2018?

Ans. You cannot take pen or pencil to centre. At centre, you will get pen  and rough sheet.

If you have any queries on AIIMS 2018 Dress Code, please ask in comments below.

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  1. All candidates wil be subjected to frisking, biometric capture and electronic surveillances. What should the girls if they have hookes in their inners?

    • As far as AIIMS 2018 information brochure says, there is no such restriction on clothes but I prefer you to wear in which authorities can easily do frisking/checking.

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