AIIMS 2018 Analysis is brought to you here by AglaSem. If you have appeared in the AIIMS MBBS Entrance Exam on either May 26 or May 27, then you can go through this AIIMS 2018 Exam Review to know what the general consensus about the exam is. If you are preparing for next year’s exam, then this will help you steel yourself against the challenges. The All India Institute of Medical Sciences offers MBBS program at AIIMS New Delhi and 8 other AIIMS, on basis of result of MBBS Entrance Exam.

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26 May Morning Shift 26 May Afternoon Shift
27 May Morning Shift  27 May Afternoon Shift

AIIMS 2018 Analysis

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has concluded first shift of AIIMS 2018 on May 27, 2018, and first and second shifts of AIIMS 2018 on May 26, 2018. According to students, the physics section was tough in all shifts.

Online computer-based test is being held in following two shifts on May 26, 2018, and May 27, 2018.

  1. Morning shift / First shift – 9 AM to 12:30 PM
  2. Afternoon shift / Second shift – 3 PM to 6:30 PM
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Overview of AIIMS 2018

Exam name AIIMS 2018 or AIIMS MBBS Entrance Exam 2018
Conducted by All India Institute of Medical Sciences
Exam is for admission to AIIMS New Delhi and 8 Other AIIMS
Number of seats 807
Date of exam 26, 27 May 2018
Number of shifts on each day 2
Total number of questions 200
Maximum marks 200

In the exam, there were 60 questions each of physics, chemistry, biology, and 10 questions each of general knowledge and aptitude and logical thinking. The marking scheme is +1, -1/3.

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You can share your opinion about the exam here in comments below. Please mention “I appeared in AIIMS 2018 on <date – 26 or 27> in <shift – 1 or 2>” followed by your review.

AIIMS 2018 Analysis of 26 May 2018 Morning / First Shift

In the first shift of AIIMS 2018, physics was toughest, biology was easiest. GK and Logical reasoning, Chemistry were moderate. Overall the difficulty level was less than that of last year. Some stakeholders have commented that they think cutoffs may rise.

Here is a list of topics from which questions were asked

  • Amplifier,
  • Angular magnification,
  • Atoms,
  • Diffraction,
  • Electric field of disc,
  • Intensive, extensive properties,
  • Electromagnetic waves, and communications – 3 questions,
  • Polarisation – 2 questions,
  • Questions on semiconductors,
  • Radioactivity,
  • SHM,
  • Zener diode.


What made physics tough in AIIMS entrance exam was that it was very calculation intensive. Students were baffled by close answers.


Analysis: It was a moderately easy/tough section. There was fair distribution between organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry.

  • In Organic Chemistry, there were some questions on Markonikov rule, anti Markonikov. Also there were two questions on 1, 2, 3, benzylic shift questions based on reducing agent.
  • Physical Chemistry questions were straightforward – Calculate molar mass of solute, simple formula based questions. There was an assertion reason on vapour pressure.
  • There were questions on radioactivity half life, relation between t1/2 and t3/4 .
  • Also there were questions on simple atomic structure, p block ( N205 characteristics), d and f block (which of the following does not have d electrons).
  • From coordinate chemistry there were questions on which octahedral complex has least stability.

Distribution of questions in Chemistry in AIIMS 2018 MBBS Entrance Exam day 1, first shift was as follows:

Topic Number of questions
Inorganic Chemistry 22
Organic Chemistry 26
Physical Chemistry 12


Analysis: Students found this to be easiest in AIIMS 2018 entrance exam. Few of the questions were:

  • Characteristics feature of animal given.
  • Citrus canker.
  • Disease bases.
  • Identity the following – earthworm internal structure.
  • Match the following.
  • Ploidy of endosperm, nucellus , polar nuclei.
  • Structure of haemoglobin.
  • Which of the following belongs to this kingdom.

Distribution of questions in Biology in AIIMS 2018 MBBS Entrance Exam day 1, first shift was as follows:

Topic Number of questions
Physiology 20
Diversity 6
Reproduction 5
Morphology and Anatomy 8
Others 11

There was an equal distribution between class 11 and 12 topics.

Help us give a better and more accurate breakup! Comment here the distribution of questions that you remember.

GK: This too was an easy/moderate section, depending upon how good your general knowledge of current affairs is. Few of the questions were:

  • IMEI
  • National Testing Agency
  • Speaker of Lok Sabha
  • World Economic Forum

About Calculator Provided In AIIMS Entrance Exam

Calculator was provided in AIIMS MBBS Entrance Exam. However it did not have log function/ cos/sin function. It had square root and 1/x value and squaring. Simple log values were provided in the question itself.

AIIMS 2018 Analysis of 26 May 2018 Afternoon / Second Shift


Analysis: As per students who appeared in second shift, it was a calculation focused section. However, calculator was available and therefore those who remembered formulae could do it.

Few assertion reasoning questions were seemingly out of the box. They took up time. Physics had more objective type logical questions. Students who had studied concepts well and proper could have scored in this section.


Analysis: NCERT was the Bible for Organic and Inorganic Chemistry. Some questions had difficult language. Some students found it a bit difficult to understand concept to be applied to those questions.

All questions were from NCERT textbooks. Only few assertion reason questions were time consuming.


Analysis: It was easy in comparison to other sections. Even assertion-reasoning questions in it were quite straightforward. Although some claim all questions were from NCERT, a few have said that one or two may have been form outside.

AIIMS 2018 Analysis of 27 May 2018 Morning / First Shift

The third set of AIIMS 2018 concluded today at 12:30 PM. The format of questions was same as yesterday. Section wise analysis would be:

Biology: It was very easy. All questions were from NCERT. Assertion and reason type questions were also easy. More than 52 questions should have been attempted.

Chemistry: Compared to Biology it was tougher, but on its own, it was do-able. Some students felt that Inorganic chemistry was outside NCERT. Organic chemistry was slightly tricky but scoring if you caught the gist.

Physics: Physics was toughest section. AIIMS 2018 aspirants have, in all shifts, found physics to be toughest. Majority questions were from class 12.

GK and LR: It was moderately tough.

Good attempts: 130+

AIIMS 2018 Analysis of 27 May 2018 Afternoon / Second Shift

AIIMS will conclude MBBS Entrance Exam 2018 second shift of 27 May 2018 at 6:30 PM. Its analysis will be updated thereafter.

All India Institute of Medical Sciences will announce AIIMS 2018 Result on June 18, 2018.

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