Is it easy to be in top 10 ranks in AIIMS MBBS entrance exam? Plus is it easy to also secure a single digit rank in NEET UG? For Abhishek Dogra, it was made feasible by hard work. We caught up with Abhishek to share his story on how he studied, remained motivated, and succeeded in topping two most prestigious medical entrance exams in India.

NEET 2019

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Abhishek Dogra – AIIMS and NEET Topper

Name Abhishek Dogra
State Domicile: Maharashtra
School Sarvodaya Sr. Sec. High School, Kota , Rajasthan
Coaching Institute Aakash Institute
Class 12th Score 93.6%
Coaching Institute Allen Career institute
NEET UG Rank 5th
AIIMS Rank 9th

# About Abhishek

Aglasem: First of all Congratulations for your success please share your feelings after cracking the entrance exam in the very first attempt and securing 9th Rank in the most prestigious exam (AIIMS)?

Abhishek: It feels great having set a long term goal over two years and having finally achieved it. Being enrolled into India’s top medical college AIIMS, is fantastic and brings me a step closer to my ambitions. Although getting selected was my main concern I’d be lying if I said a top 10 rank did’nt make any difference . Understandably I feel ecstatic.

Aglasem: Could you share a bit about your family? Did they guide you anyway?

Abhishek: My mother is a B.A.M.S doctor (though gave up her practice to focus on my education) and my father a mechanical engineer. My mother stayed with me in Kota for the duration of my coaching and was always there for me, through all the ups and downs.

Aglasem: Did you have any counselling session before you started your preparations?

Abhishek: No, not really.

Aglasem: What made you choose Medical Science?

Abhishek: Desire to bring positive change in people’s lives, along with a natural affinity for medicine. There’s so much yet to uncover and I find it to be something worth pursuing for the entirety of my life.

Aglasem: Which other exams did you give apart from AIIMS Entrance?

Abhishek: Apart from AIIMS I appeared for JIPMER in which I obtained AIR 2 and NEET, the results of which will be declared shortly.

Aglasem: You Are being known as the one of the toppers who kept himself away from Social Media. What would you say about this?

Abhishek: No matter how much we deny it, men are social animals and the affairs of others often interest and amuse us greatly, while proving a major source of distraction. I felt it was essential for me to cut off the availability of such channels and maintain a one track mind. That being said there’s a flip side to every coin: although I stayed off Facebook, Twitter etc. I did use Whatsapp exclusively to discuss doubts and concepts with my teachers.

Aglasem: You have mentioned in your previous interviews that you like playing Badminton and do sketching that brings you positive. Is it true?

Abhishek: It is true, I feel such activities (in regulated time limits) provide a much needed ‘Happiness Factor’ which is as contributing a factor to academics as are you actual studies.

# AIIMS MBBS Preparation

Aglasem: Which was the most difficult subject according to you and how did you go about studying for it?

Abhishek: I found physics tougher originally in 11th grade , but tackled the situation by investing more time into studying and practising physics MCQs to get comfortable.

I also prepared concise short notes for physics including all formulae and important points from my notes and NCERT textbooks.

Aglasem: Were you worried about the negative marking during the examination?

Abhishek: I was conscious of it and also ended up leaving one NEET question unattempted. Although overall I was more inclined to take the risk.

Aglasem: Did you attend two Coaching classes?

Abhishek: Yes, I attended two classes but NOT SIMULTANEOUSLY. I completed most of the syllabus in Akaash, some part in Allen and attended separate SRG (Special Rankers Group) lectures and mock tests and General Knowledge discussions at Allen in the later phases of my preparation. (which proved really useful towards my approach, time management and GK section)

I did so as being in Kota I wanted to avail all the resources available to me there.

Aglasem: Which books did you refer to for AIIMS MBBS Entrance Examination?

Abhishek: First and foremost the NCERT textbooks (PCB) are of the utmost importance as most questions are from it : all the text, blue boxes , points to ponder for physics, in-text questions in biology, exercises and supplementary material from NCERT must be done thoroughly for theory. (assertion-reason questions are framed indirectly or directly also from it)

# Other books included: Coaching Material

  • Physics: H.C Verma, D. Mukherjee.
  • Chemistry:P. Bahadur(Physical)
  • M.S. Chauhan(Organic)
  • O.P. Tandon (Inorganic)
  • Biology : Treuman’s Elementary Biology
  • MTG’s NCERT at your fingertips.

I would also like to credit AIM4AIIMS initiative as I used their book for GK and A-R type question solving.

Aglasem: Would you recommend taking coaching classes to prepare for this exam?

Abhishek: Although not essential, coaching certainly helps.

Aglasem: What was your success mantra?

Abhishek: It consists of four parts:

  1. Nothing is final so remind yourself that you have nothing to lose, stay cool and calm
  2. Great confidence in self
  3. Improvisation and presence of mind
  4. Your actual preparations

Although the fourth is most crucial, in such a competitive exam most good students have that one down, so it is often that the other three are differentiating in terms of rank.

Aglasem: What or who was your inspiration?

Abhishek: My pediatrician Dr. Vaman Khadilkar. I’d consider myself fortunate if I could be half the man he is.

Aglasem: What other difficulties did you face while preparing for this exam?

Abhishek: Mental fatigue during the last phases which I tackled with rest, meditation and recreation.

# Future plans

Aglasem: Which area will you be specialising in at AIIMS?

Abhishek: Maybe endocrinology, neurology or even cardiology.

Aglasem: What are your future plans after AIIMS?

Abhishek: Further specialization, practice, research.


Aglasem: Please share your valuable Tip and Message for AIIMS aspirants, who will be appearing for the next year examination.

Abhishek: Academics includes studies and positivity as well, indulge in recreation , but do not get carried away with it. Be a hard worker as well as a consistent student.

As A.P.J Abdul Kalam rightly said : “If you want to shine like a sun You have to burn like a sun.”

To know about NEET 2019, check NEET 2019

As the main day approaches the mind plays tricks on itself – two years of hard work boils down to just three hours that alter your career. What if I forget something? What if I come up short? It happens to everyone. Be confident and never doubt your abilities – your peers are as nervous as you. Don’t think about results : Give your best and Leave the rest.

Abhishek surely will go miles in his medical journey. We wish him best in his future endeavours. Future doctors who are preparing for entrance exams must read his story to be inspired and understand how toppers prepare.

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