1. Have a smart NEET Study Plan.

A smart preparation plan includes.

  • A complete time table of all the topics you need to cover in a defined time limit.
  • Time allotted for taking mock tests, solving past year papers, self analysis.
  • Approaching your teachers / coaching classes to solve doubts.

You must have a day-to-day time table of chapters to complete / revise the entire syllabus. When you finish a chapter jot down the points you need help with. Approach a teacher to help you out with those topics.

Solve at least one sample paper / mock test / past year paper each week.

2. Hard Work and Persistence is the Key to Scoring High in NEET.

Often students give up a few weeks before the exam. You may feel that things are not going according to plan or that it is too tough. Don’t feel like that. You are aiming towards the noblest of all professions, and something you should be proud of. Getting something as big as that is never easy. So work hard, and do not give up.

3. Refer the best books for NEET only.

There are hundreds of preparation books for the exam in the market. Do not refer to every book you come across. Have very selected hand picked books in your shelf and only study from them. You will only waste your precious time if you open every book.

  • Remember that NCERT is absolutely essential to crack NEET. Be thorough with NCERT PCB books.
  • For Physics, solve books like HC Verma.
  • For Chemistry, books by Morrison Boyd, Peter Atkins, Dinesh, O.P. Tandon are recommended.
  • To study Biology, first of all go through everything in NCERT. Then, refer to Pradeep’s for those topics you need in depth knowledge of. To practice objective questions, refer GRB Bathla’s Publication’s for Biology.

4. SWOT Analysis.

Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Know these for your NEET Preparation.

  • Each time to solve a mock test, analyze the section you have to devote most time in.
  • Try to understand whether you are marking more incorrect answers than correct ones.
  • Your strengths – The topics you are attempting most questions in and marking all answers correct.
  • Your weaknesses – The topics where you are losing most marks.
  • Your opportunities – It could be a particular section or your question picking ability. It could also be your speed or accuracy.
  • Your threats – If you are attempting a large number of questions, but marking most of them wrong, you need to work on two things. First would be to make sure you know more correct answers. Also second to learn which questions to skip to avoid negative marking.

5. Know everything about the exam.

You should know beforehand the exam pattern, the marking scheme, the application form submission details. Many students last year could not appear in the exam as they missed the last date of form submission. Many students were unable to reach the centers on time. Keep visiting this page regularly to know more updates of NEET Exam. If you have any doubts, please ask us in comments below. We will be glad to help you achieve success in the NEET UG.

All the best!!

You can also watch this awesome motivational video.


  1. Hello sir my baby is in 10 class means 2017 . I don’t know about neet exams when to attend after 10th or after inter if it is after 10th pls advise me how to prepare her. Thanku

  2. Hi.. Sir plz tell me about NDA exams and SSB crack plz sir iam in 11th class and age is 15 plz its a humble req.

  3. I am in the entrance exam preparation process for the neet exam. After reading this blog and using the tips given here, it benefited me a lot during my preparation.

  4. my daughter is taken PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, BIOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY for Plus 1 and Plus , is any problem attending NEET entrance for 2018; please clarify

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