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3 Month Preparation Plan For NEET PG 2019

As National Board of Examinations (NBE) has announced examination date for NEET PG 2019, i.e., on January 06, 2019, aspirants must have begun with their NEET PG 2019 preparation. Through  National-cum-Entrance-Examination Test or NEET PG 2019 admissions will be open for MD / MS / PG Diploma programmes in various medical colleges all over India.

Getting a good medical college of one’s choice is every NEET PG 2019 aspirants dream. With around 3 months left for NEET PG 2019, strategic and meticulous start to one’s preparation will always help. With the rising competition and increasing applicants every year, and the nearing exam date 3 month preparation plan for NEET PG 2019 as given on our page will surely channelize desirous aspirants preparation strategy.

NEET PG 2019- 3 Month Preparation Plan

Assurance of getting the desired rank under NEET PG 2019 can only be gained with proper precision and preparation for NEET PG 2019 exam. With the exam expected to be held in the 1st week of January 2019, NEET PG 2019 aspirants must have begun with the burning of midnight oil. Pulling all-nighters and being under constant pressure to get his / her desired will not help if a proper approach is not drawn towards NEET PG 2019 preparation.

Devise NEET PG 2019 Timetable: Chalking out a timetable per subject wise will help layout the topics to be prepared in a much more refined manner. The first leg of 3-month preparation for NEET PG 2019 is to be thorough with the topics to be covered in NEET PG 2019 entrance exam. Ideally, with almost around 3 months left, devising a timetable that fits proper revision per subject will surely help. Candidates will now have to get stricter in terms of following their timetable. Going by the word of NEET PG’s under 10 ranker, making a timetable that covers only revision just a few months before the exam will steer the time more towards proper utilization.

Revision time will surely distribute topics over days per subject. Covering a set number of topics from a certain subject spread within a time period will devise a better 3 month NEET PG 2019 preparation. Revising as per subject importance will enhance any candidate’s 3 month NEET PG preparation plan.

Prepare as per Topics Covered in the Exam: The best way to study within a stipulated time is to use a strategic outlook. Formulating a strategy will flow the 3 month preparation for NEET PG 2019 in an aligned manner. Say, as per NEET PG 2019 expected exam pattern, say you have 15 questions to be asked from Anatomy and 46 from Surgery, ENT, orthopedics, and anesthesia, focusing much more on making Surgery, ENT, orthopedics, and anesthesia strong will give a good grip over securing those handful 46 marks.

Candidates can either focus on big areas, that is topics which will cover more marks to be prepared with more diligence or candidates can go in for small scoring areas. Herein, they can focus on more topics of lesser question frequency.

Know complete NEET PG 2019 syllabus. Click here for the same.

Take Quick Revision Mock Tests: Taking timely mock tests for revision will enhance the preparation strategy for the 3 month NEET PG 2019 preparation. Candidates must have a knack of how much more time is to be allotted to a particular section or how much focused and prepared a said section is from NEET PG 2019 topics. This will give the aspirants much more focusing and less of wasting time on topics that are already better prepared than a remaining few.

Now the question arrives, how does an aspirant get to know where his / her NEET PG 2019 preparation stands? The answer to this is simple. Taking mock tests designed for NEET PG 2019 per subject wise at the start of the 1st month of 3 month NEET PG 2019 preparation will help. Later on, from the start of the 2nd month, aspirants must start with their complete Demo Test designed for NEET PG 2019. Taking full demo test, will cover the overall performance of the aspirant in the various topics under NEET PG 2019.

You can access Demo Tests as designed by NBE. This will be made accessible a few weeks prior to NEET PG 2019 entrance exam.

Note: NEET PG 2019 official demo tests as designed by NBE will be made available on the official website, sometime in the month of December.

Graph the Shift: Graphing the shift in terms of preparation for NEET PG 2019 will only help aspirants maintain their track record. Since NEET PG is considered to be an exam of national importance and with the rising competition, aspirants begin their preparation months before the day of the exam. Keeping a track of your own preparation from the earlier months will surely act as a catalyst during the last 3 month NEET PG 2019 preparation period. The shift of graph can either be for a rise upward or toward a decline in terms of preparation.

It is not OK to fret over if the graph is moving towards a low pit. What is advised out of such a situation is to graph your NEET PG 2019 preparation shift from down the months and then analyze plus assess the overall performance accordingly. Graphing the preparation shift by each aspirant will ease out the 3 month preparation plan devised for NEET PG 2019. It will steer the preparation boat as per the need.

Complete what you pick up: When it comes to proper preparation, completing a topic in its entirety even when the time given exceeds the allotted time. That is to say, if an aspirant picks up Pharmacology and is way past in terms of preparation of one particular topic, we advise in such a situation to not to jump the gun and step up to an altogether different topic. Going by the word of previous years’ toppers, if a certain topic / subject takes time you do not lose hope on it and drop it altogether. Precision and diligence always go together in the long run.

NEET PG 2019 Exam Pattern

Knowing your exam well will only channelize the last 3 month preparation for NEET PG 2019 in terms of ranking a better college. Just like setting small goals and achieving them gives a boost of confidence, being thorough with the questions to be asked per topic wise and the marks allotted to each will go a long way.

Topics covered under NEET PG 2019

Topic No. of Questions Topic No. of Questions
Anatomy 15 Biochemistry 15
Medicine, dermatology, and Venereology 37 Pharmacology 20
Surgery, ENT, orthopedics, and anesthesia 46 Social and preventive medicine 25
Radiodiagnosis and radiotherapy 12 Pathology 25
Pediatrics 15 Forensic medicine 10
Obstetrics and Gynecology 25 Physiology 15
Ophthalmology 10 Microbiology 20
Psychiatry 10

NEET PG 2019 Important Books

With so many books in the market, finding help books that will fit the line of preparation for NEET PG 2019 becomes a little difficult. What becomes more troublesome is too many books for one topic and being addled as to which one to choose. We have arranged a few books for candidates focusing largely on how one will be able to utilize these books for 3 month NEET PG 2019 preparation.

Word of Advice: Sticking to one particular guidebook will never prove beneficial.

Name of Book Author Link to Buy
LMR Last Minute Revision for NBE/
Mathew R. John Click Here
Review of Pathology and Genetics (PGMEE) Gobind Rai Garg,
Sparsh Gupta
Click Here
Bailey & Love’s Short Practice of Surgery, 27th Edition: International
Student’s Edition (set volume 1 & 2)
Norman Williams,
P Ronan O’Connell,
Andrew McCaskie
Click Here
Self-Assessment and Review
of Microbiology and Immunology (PGMEE)
Rana Chandra, Anshul Jain Click Here
The Essentials of Forensic Medicine
and Toxicology by Narayana Reddy
K.S. Narayan Reddy,
O.P. Murty
Click Here
Self Assessment & Review of Short Subjects Vivek Jain Click Here
ENT for Entrance Exam Budhiraja M.S. Click Here

Remember, with practice comes precision and with precision comes confidence. 3 months can be laid out best for NEET PG 2019 preparation if each day is strategized to its maximum usage.

NEET PG 2019

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